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Raleigh Personal Injury Law Blog

How much insurance must business vehicles carry?

People in Cary, North Carolina, and the surrounding Raleigh metro area will probably know that, if they want to drive a car, they have to carry a minimum amount of insurance that will cover all or part of another person's injuries. The minimum insurance requirement protects North Carolina citizens from negligent motorists by making sure that all drivers have some means of paying compensation should they cause an accident.

Unfortunately, these minimum limits are rarely enough to actually cover all losses in the event of a serious accident. Usually, a victim is left having to pursue the negligent driver directly or may be able to recover from his or her own insurance company if he or she purchased uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage.

Video: Don't be too scared to file a workers' compensation claim

Getting hurt on the job can upend your life. Not only are you dealing with a painful injury, you could also be unable to work.

Despite these repercussions, you could be scared to file a workers' compensation for fear of retaliation. However, you should not feel intimidated or threatened to ignore your rights as an employee when it comes to a work-related accident. As we explain in the video below, you are protected by state laws should you file a workers' comp case. 

How we help families of victims after a fatal accident

No resident of the Raleigh metro area ever wants to get a call or a knock at the door in the middle of the night from the police when the news is that a loved one has died in a car accident. For one, no amount of money can ever bring a loved one back from the grave. For two, despite not wanting to even think about it at the time of loss, a person's death will inevitably have financial consequences for the grieving family.

It is to help alleviate the financial consequences of a person's untimely and preventable death that a personal injury attorney does his or her work. The attorneys at our Cary, North Carolina, law office understand that a sudden death can be a profound financial setback for a family. Unfortunately, others do not always treat the family accordingly and may not give them compensation when they truly deserve it.

Five lives lost in North Carolina car accident

Five people died and several others suffered significant injuries in a recent accident in Fayetteville, a town about an hour away from Cary, North Carolina. Most of the victims were younger, and one was a mom of several children.

Police made it clear that they are still investigating the cause of this fatal car accident, describing it as a complicated matter. Detectives are working to gather additional information about what happened. Preliminary statements from law enforcement suggest that at least one of the three vehicles that collided was driving very fast. Police have also mentioned that those involved may have had a quarrel with each other before the accident or that a motorcycle may have even been involved.

Tips for beginning motorcyclists to avoid motorcycle accidents

Just as in the case of learning to drive a car, a resident of Cary, North Carolina, who wants to learn to ride a motorcycle may at first not know much about how exactly to use the bike safely. For such people, there are several basic pointers that may reduce the possibility of a motorcycle accident.

One tip is that inexperienced motorcyclists need to use the right equipment when riding. Not only does this include a quality helmet, it also includes the proper clothing and shoes, which should be durable enough to protect riders in fall and also bright and visible enough for other motorists to see clearly.

Video: Employee rights after accidents

Workers' compensation benefits are available after a workplace accident regardless of who may have been at fault. Most employers are required to carry insurance that provides for such claims.

Even so, hard working employees may be reluctant to file a claim and seek the full remedy they may deserve. One commonly voiced concern is fear of employer retaliation. Fortunately, the state law offers protection: It is illegal in North Carolina to take an adverse action against an employee solely because he or she filed a workers' compensation claim.

Pedestrians can take steps for safety

A 'pedextrian' is someone who texts while they are walking, with no apparent knowledge of the world going on around them. While everyone is aware of the danger in distracted driving, distracted walking is dangerous too.

Smartphones and mobile phones are a big part of everyday life for most people. Unfortunately, when motorists and pedestrians get distracted by their phones, serious accidents can happen. Here are two guidelines to help distracted pedestrians avoid some of the biggest hazards.

Getting tough on truckers who text and cause truck accidents

As last week's post discussed, truck drivers who are using North Carolina's roadways to haul goods in interstate commerce are prohibited under federal regulations form texting while driving. "Texting" is broadly defined to include just about any use of a computer or phone keypad. Moreover, if drivers want to use a cell phone, they must use a hands free device.

It is a sad fact that many truckers, including those who travel around Cary, North Carolina, may choose to ignore these rules and text or use their hand-held phone anyway. They may figure it is unlikely that they will be caught and, if they do happen to be pulled over, they will simply pay whatever fine is given to them.

Federal rules limit truck driver cell phone use, texting

Last week's post discussed a tragic accident where a North Carolina resident died on account of a distracted driver. Unfortunately, this accident was not the first time that a distracted driver on North Carolina's roadways has left a person seriously injured or dead, nor is it likely to be the last.

The dangers of distracted driving are enhanced when it comes to commercial vehicles, like large trucks. The size and maneuverability of these vehicles makes it more likely that a distracted truck driver will not recover from a moment of distraction to prevent an imminent collision. Moreover, a truck will likely inflict extensive damage to whatever it hits.

Police allege driver negligence following deadly US-64 crash

A driver has been charged with texting while driving after a serious accident in Wake County, North Carolina, left a woman dead and the woman's teenage daughter seriously injured. Additional allegations may be filed against the driver at a later time. The victims were from Wake County, which most know includes both Raleigh and Cary, North Carolina.

Police say that the victims were close to reaching home after taking a trip out of state. Apparently, they had pulled over to the shoulder to switch out drivers for the last leg of the trip. When the woman, who was then driving the family, started to pull back on to the road, another driver slammed in to the back of their car at a high speed. The van flew off the road and eventually flipped.