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Teen driver strikes Raleigh-area child waiting for bus

An 11-year-old boy from the Raleigh metro area suffered a broken knee and lost a tooth after being struck by a teen driver who was also from Raleigh. The car accident victim was standing by the road waiting on his school bus when the accident occurred. The boy's mother was present and witnessed the incident.

According to reports, the teen driver was speeding and also used an unsafe passing technique immediately prior to the accident. The driver attempted to go around traffic on the right side of the road, using a turn only lane to do so. When the turn lane ended, the driver turned too sharply, hitting the student and eventually coming to a stop in a nearby ravine.

Hoofing it? Look both ways!

Some of the pleasures of living in the south are four seasons, good food and southern hospitality. We naturally run at a different speed compared to the rest of the country: laid back and welcoming. We're courteous and polite to one another. Or are we?

A new study cited in, shows that North Carolinians are not so kind to each other when it comes to people who get around on foot. Pedestrians in our state would be wise to note that nationally, we rank number 14 in pedestrian deaths, with a whopping 1.73 killed out of every 100,000 people.

Helping victims of drunk driving truck accidents

A previous post here discussed a serious accident that potentially involved a combination of drunk and drugged driving, a scenario that is, sadly, all too common in the Cary, North Carolina, area, even among truck drivers and drivers of other commercial vehicles.

Cases in which authorities suspect that a combination of drugs and alcohol contributed to a serious or even deadly accident can be tricky from the perspective of an accident victim. For one, police may not have obtained a breath or blood test showing that another driver was legally drunk; that is, over .08 BAC. Moreover, drivers may be able to argue that they were simply taking medicine and honestly did not think a drink or two would affect the ability to drive.

Video: Repetitive Stress Injuries | The Law Offices of John M. McCabe, P.A.

An office space might not seem as dangerous as a construction site. Yet even employees who work at a desk may be at risk of physical injury.

Specifically, the cumulative effect of repetitive motions with the hand can take a toll, whether that work involves typing on a keyboard and using a mouse, working on an assembly line, or using construction tools. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common example.

Fatal accidents are on the rise across the country

The residents of Cary, North Carolina, should take note that in 2015, for the first time since 1965, the number of fatalities on the roadways across the country rose over the number of fatalities in the previous year. Specifically, the 35,092 deaths in 2015 marked a 7.2 percent increase over the number of deaths in 2014.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a government agency which among other things monitors and regulates the commercial trucking business, the predominant trend has been for fatalities on the roads to decrease. Law enforcement and safety awareness campaigns targeting risky behavior like drunk driving have helped, as have improvements in technology.

Serious car accident injuries several people

A recent head-on collision in the Raleigh area left four children and three adults injured. emergency workers transported two adults, both of them drivers of the vehicles involved, and one child to a nearby hospital. Although the extent of the injuries wasn't reported initially, thankfully none of them appear to be life-threatening.

According to reports, drunk driving may have had a role in this accident, even though it is not clear whether one of the drivers had a BAC over .08. One of the drivers did admit to having taken some Xanax, a prescription anti-depressant, along with drinking several beers. A combination of prescription drugs and alcohol will often lead to intoxicated behavior, even if a person is legally under the limit for alcohol. The driver who admitted to mixing drugs and alcohol was charged with driving while impaired and was also cited for failing to stay in his lane and failing to slow down when necessary.

What are some signs that a crash involved drowsy driving?

People who drive when they are too tired to operate a vehicle safely can put themselves and others in an extremely dangerous position. In fact, a drowsy driver can act much the same way as an intoxicated driver on the road. Particularly if the overly tired driver is using a large business vehicle, a serious or deadly accident can result from a person's poor decision to keep driving on insufficient rest.

It might not be surprising to our readers that when truck accidents or other commercial vehicle accidents do occur, the driver of the commercial vehicle often will not come out an admit that he or she dozed off behind the wheel. It may be necessary for a victim who was injured in an accident to know what the common signs of a drowsy driving accident are.

Your employer will thank you: When hiring an attorney is a good thing

You're a cop. You know hiring an attorney can send a very powerful message: this is adversarial. You love your work. It's hard. It's often underappreciated. You risk you life every day you go to work. You risk your health. But you're committed and you knew what you were in for when you took the job. The last thing you want to do is create ill-will with the folks you've sworn to serve and protect. But does that also mean you can't protect yourself, too?

You've been hurt: whether it is a back injury from wrestling a suspect to the ground, or PTSD from handling one too many assault cases, your commitment to your job deserves an equal commitment to yourself-and the people who love you.

Less common tips for avoiding motorcycle accidents

As previous posts have noted, perhaps the most common tips for how a North Carolina driver can avoid a collision with a motorcycle are to keep a safe following distance, about 3 or 4 seconds, and to keep a special eye out for motorcyclists since they are more difficult to see, particularly when they are in a car's blind spots. While an inadvertent failure to yield is a common cause of a bike crash, there are other things about which drivers in the Raleigh area need to know in order to stay safe around motorcycles.

For example, cars need to keep a safe distance from a motorcycle because a motorcyclist usually will not signal its stop by braking before it is needed. Also, motorcycles generally do not have turn signals that click off automatically. Any motorcyclist, especially a beginner, can forget to turn off a turn signal after making a turn. A driver should not automatically assume a motorcycle signaling a turn actually will turn or change lanes.

Raleigh woman charged after fatal accident

A woman from the Raleigh area now faces criminal charges in connection with her role in a fatal accident that happened in the area a couple of weeks ago. The woman was also herself significantly injured as a result of the accident and had to be taken to the hospital.

As is a somewhat common occurrence on the area highways, traffic was already at a standstill at the time of the deadly wreck on account of a prior accident. A man driving a van had stopped on the road because of the prior accident, and a woman from Pittsboro, North Carolina, had stopped just behind the van.