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North Carolina multi-vehicle crash leaves six injured

Car accidents are not uncommon in North Carolina. The myriad causes of car crashes include driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, intentional speeding and also texting while driving. Sometimes car crashes result in catastrophic injuries and insurmountable pain and suffering for the car accident victim.

Recently, however, a different story unfolded altogether. The end result of an early morning chase by police was a multi-vehicle accident. According to reports, the police had information regarding a crime suspect staying in a local inn, which led authorities to promptly initiate pursuit. The wanted man attempted to escape from the police who kept up the chase until it ended on a local highway with a crash injuring several people, including the suspect.

Fatal accident claims life, injures two in North Carolina

Car accidents are a common occurrence across the United States. According to North Carolina Highway Patrol reports, a fatal car accident occurred recently when a 70-year-old woman was killed after her Ford Taurus was hit from behind on Interstate 95 by a negligent driver. Two others suffered injuries.

Troopers of the North Carolina Highway Patrol said that the woman's Ford Taurus was shoved forward after being slammed on the back-end of the vehicle, resulting in the fatal accident. Evidence has also been found of reckless driving, carelessness and excessive speed on the part of the accused, along with the suspected involvement of alcohol. Witnesses said the accused was zigzagging along the road at high speeds prior to the accident. The accused was arrested and has been charged on multiple counts following the crash. He is currently undergoing treatment for injuries. The charges against the accused include involuntary manslaughter, negligent driving, excessive speed and a felony death by motor vehicle charge. The man's vehicle documents were also found to be expired.

Head-on collision kills woman in North Carolina

North Carolina traffic accidents have been linked to many causes, including inclement weather, bad road surfaces, auto defects and human error. Sometimes people are negligent while driving their vehicles and cause injuries to others. In some cases, driver negligence may also cause the death of another person. Transportation officials have instituted many traffic rules, including putting up signboards and organizing various programs on safe driving. Residents of North Carolina have participated in various activities to highlight the dangers of negligent driving. Many fatal car accidents are due to negligent drivers. One recent victim, a 25-year-old woman, died after she was hit by an oncoming car that had crossed the median.

According to police, a 20-year-old driver was driving on a road in Raleigh, North Carolina, when his car crossed the middle line and crashed into the victim's vehicle. This head-on car accident resulted in the death of the woman; the other driver and two people traveling in his vehicle were injured. The injured were transported to a local medical center for treatment.

Motorcycle accident injures army veteran and his friend

Reckless driving on the roads continues to be a threat in North Carolina. Through various methods, officials remind drivers to drive safely and watch out for others on the roads. However, some drivers still drive negligently. After an accident, some drivers do not even stay at the scene. Negligent driving may cause pedestrians, motorcyclists or occupants of vehicles to suffer, as a recent motorcycle accident indicates.

Sources said an army veteran and his friend, both on motorcycles, were on their way to deliver a police report to an insurance company when they were struck by a vehicle. The driver of the car did not stop, and left both the injured men on the road.

Woman charged after fatal motorcycle accident in North Carolina

Despite the fact that accidents may cause serious injuries or death to a rider, many people enjoy riding a motorcycle. Unfortunately, North Carolina residents recently witnessed the death of a motorcyclist after he was struck by another vehicle.

According to sources, a motorcyclist was traveling along Wendover Road when a vehicle pulled out in front of him to make a left turn, striking the motorcyclist. The man was ejected from his bike and thrown onto the outbound lanes of Providence Road. Police stated that the vehicle then hit a truck stopped at a red light, leaving the motorcyclist caught between them. After the collision, the drivers of both vehicles backed up to access the motorcyclist. It was too late, however, as the motorcyclist died on the scene. Neither driver of the other vehicles suffered any injuries. The woman who hit the motorcyclist was subsequently arrested and charged with misdemeanor death by vehicle. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police stated that neither alcohol nor excessive speed caused the collision.

Fiery collision kills North Carolina man

While the roads are filled with cars traveling safely each and every day, there are unfortunate cases of accidents and injuries that can occur when things go wrong. Incidents involving cars and trucks can at best end in a small dent or scratch. However, there are times when these types of accidents end in much more tragic ways. Such is the case of a recent fatal car accident in North Carolina.

A man was left dead on a highway as he traveled to Wilson, North Carolina. The North Carolina Highway Patrol is investigating the fatal accident to find out what caused the crash. Authorities say that the victim, a 27-year-old-man, was driving a local highway from Raleigh to Wilson when the crash occurred, resulting in his death. Investigation by the North Carolina Highway Patrol is being conducted to find out the reason for the crash.

Truck accident in Charlotte injures one

North Carolina residents use a variety of vehicles to go about their daily business, whether that means going to and from work, dropping off and picking up children at school, buying groceries or taking a leisurely drive. Normally, most people drive confidently but with a certain amount of caution around most other vehicles. When it comes to large vehicles such as tractor-trailers, box trucks and other large commercial vehicles, however, many people become alert to the dangers these vehicles pose by their sheer size and weight.

In east Charlotte recently, a truck accident involving a passenger vehicle and a tractor-trailer sent one person to the emergency room for treatment of minor injuries. According to the Charlotte Fire Department, the accident happened on Albemarle Road and occurred when the tractor-trailer tried to turn right from the the left lane and struck a Cadillac in the right lane.

16 fatal accidents reported on North Carolina highways

Memorial Day weekend signals the official beginning of summer and provides an extended weekend to plan an outing or barbeque with family or friends. Memorial Day also reminds Americans of the ultimate sacrifice of members of the military. Many people from North Carolina visit soldier memorials and gravesites to honor their memory. They also travel to beaches and other places of amusement to relax and spend time with their families. The Memorial Day weekend is a busy time for law enforcement officials because of increased road traffic. Although many people drive safely, more people on the road usually means more fatalities reported during holidays.

According to state highway patrol officials, 16 fatal accidents were reported on North Carolina highways this Memorial Day weekend, two more than last year during the same time period. Traffic accident statistics were tracked by the highway patrol from Friday until Tuesday noon of the holiday weekend. Last year, almost 500 injury-related crashes were investigated during the holiday weekend. The 16 deaths this year were reported on minor roads and major highways all over the state, including U.S. Highway 70 in Durham County.

Brunswick County bus accident sends students, drivers to hospital

Many children travel by school bus throughout North Carolina. In most cases, children travel safely because school districts follow state laws to ensure that children are safe. Still, bus accidents occasionally happen, which can injure and even kill passengers.

In Brunswick County recently, a bus taking 42 students home from South Brunswick Middle School and South Brunswick High School was involved in an afternoon accident with a car. Eight students were sent to Dosher Memorial Hospital in Southport for treatment of minor injuries. The remaining students were returned to the high school for pickup by their parents. Both the bus driver and the car driver were taken for treatment to the New Hanover Regional Medical Center in Wilmington, some 20 miles to the northeast. The car driver's injuries were reported to be life-threatening.

Head-on collision claims life in North Carolina

With traffic accidents on the rise in North Carolina, many residents worry when a family member travels. Many pray for the safety of their parents, children or siblings who commute from one location to the other for school, work or other reasons.

While some accidents may be due to poor road conditions or bad weather, others may occur due to the negligence of another driver. These negligent drivers, which occupy many of North Carolina's roads, may be using their phones or adjusting the radio and may not be concentrating on the road, which can lead to a serious accident. Sometimes, overtired drivers fall asleep behind the wheel, which poses an immediate danger to others on the road.

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