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Your employer will thank you: When hiring an attorney is a good thing

You're a cop. You know hiring an attorney can send a very powerful message: this is adversarial. You love your work. It's hard. It's often underappreciated. You risk you life every day you go to work. You risk your health. But you're committed and you knew what you were in for when you took the job. The last thing you want to do is create ill-will with the folks you've sworn to serve and protect. But does that also mean you can't protect yourself, too?

You've been hurt: whether it is a back injury from wrestling a suspect to the ground, or PTSD from handling one too many assault cases, your commitment to your job deserves an equal commitment to yourself-and the people who love you.

Less common tips for avoiding motorcycle accidents

As previous posts have noted, perhaps the most common tips for how a North Carolina driver can avoid a collision with a motorcycle are to keep a safe following distance, about 3 or 4 seconds, and to keep a special eye out for motorcyclists since they are more difficult to see, particularly when they are in a car's blind spots. While an inadvertent failure to yield is a common cause of a bike crash, there are other things about which drivers in the Raleigh area need to know in order to stay safe around motorcycles.

For example, cars need to keep a safe distance from a motorcycle because a motorcyclist usually will not signal its stop by braking before it is needed. Also, motorcycles generally do not have turn signals that click off automatically. Any motorcyclist, especially a beginner, can forget to turn off a turn signal after making a turn. A driver should not automatically assume a motorcycle signaling a turn actually will turn or change lanes.

Raleigh woman charged after fatal accident

A woman from the Raleigh area now faces criminal charges in connection with her role in a fatal accident that happened in the area a couple of weeks ago. The woman was also herself significantly injured as a result of the accident and had to be taken to the hospital.

As is a somewhat common occurrence on the area highways, traffic was already at a standstill at the time of the deadly wreck on account of a prior accident. A man driving a van had stopped on the road because of the prior accident, and a woman from Pittsboro, North Carolina, had stopped just behind the van.

Helping you overcome the aftermath of a car accident

The unfortunate fact about car accidents is that the can occur no matter how fast you are driving, the distance you are driving or the type of vehicle you are driving in. No matter how cautious a driver is, this does not always protect a driver from a distracted, negligent or intoxicated driver. Therefore, many unsuspecting drivers are involved in serious and injuring causing collisions, altering his or her life tremendously.

The aftermath of a car crash could be devastating. Accident victims could endure physical, mental and emotional pain, making it a long road to fully recover from the incident. At the Law Offices of John M McCabe, P.A., our legal team is dedicated to assisting those harmed by a negligent driver, helping injured parties stand up to insurance companies to make sure they are being treated fairly.

Distracted driving can involve more than just texting

The following scenario is all too common. You are crawling along at low speeds in rush hour traffic and take a quick glance at the driver next to you. Instead of looking at the road, they are looking down at their phone. Maybe you have even snuck a peek at your phone while driving. The fact is that drivers from all walks of life are using their mobile devices behind the wheel. While dangerous at any speed, distractions at higher speeds are more likely to cause catastrophic accidents.

While many people believe that texting while driving is the main driving distraction, motorists engage in all types of social media while driving. Drivers may be on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram or other apps. Pokémon Go, a mobile app that has become extremely popular in the last month, is another popular distraction.

How is 'pain and suffering' defined?

Many residents of Cary, North Carolina, may have heard the term "pain and suffering" discussed in the context of a lawsuit pertaining to a commercial vehicle accident or some other personal injury lawsuit.

What some people might not realize is that the term "pain and suffering" has a technical legal meaning. It is not merely a catch all for the additional compensation a jury sometimes awards above and beyond medical expenses and lost wages.

Woman dies after North Carolina motorcycle accident

One woman died following a serious motorcycle accident on a stretch of Interstate 40, the major North Carolina highway that connects Durham to Cary and Raleigh.

According to reports, the tragedy shortly after a traffic slowdown on the Interstate, an occurrence which, as people who travel on the interstate know, is not uncommon. A conventional vehicle and a motorcycle, which was hauling a trailer behind it, both tried to get in to the left lane.

How much insurance must business vehicles carry?

People in Cary, North Carolina, and the surrounding Raleigh metro area will probably know that, if they want to drive a car, they have to carry a minimum amount of insurance that will cover all or part of another person's injuries. The minimum insurance requirement protects North Carolina citizens from negligent motorists by making sure that all drivers have some means of paying compensation should they cause an accident.

Unfortunately, these minimum limits are rarely enough to actually cover all losses in the event of a serious accident. Usually, a victim is left having to pursue the negligent driver directly or may be able to recover from his or her own insurance company if he or she purchased uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage.

Video: Don't be too scared to file a workers' compensation claim

Getting hurt on the job can upend your life. Not only are you dealing with a painful injury, you could also be unable to work.

Despite these repercussions, you could be scared to file a workers' compensation for fear of retaliation. However, you should not feel intimidated or threatened to ignore your rights as an employee when it comes to a work-related accident. As we explain in the video below, you are protected by state laws should you file a workers' comp case. 

How we help families of victims after a fatal accident

No resident of the Raleigh metro area ever wants to get a call or a knock at the door in the middle of the night from the police when the news is that a loved one has died in a car accident. For one, no amount of money can ever bring a loved one back from the grave. For two, despite not wanting to even think about it at the time of loss, a person's death will inevitably have financial consequences for the grieving family.

It is to help alleviate the financial consequences of a person's untimely and preventable death that a personal injury attorney does his or her work. The attorneys at our Cary, North Carolina, law office understand that a sudden death can be a profound financial setback for a family. Unfortunately, others do not always treat the family accordingly and may not give them compensation when they truly deserve it.