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How can I avoid truck accidents?

Semi-trucks populate our roadways at a seemingly increasing rate. Though this may be good for commerce, it could spell trouble for commuter safety. The sheer size of big rigs can pose a hazard if driven improperly, and the results of a truck accident can be tragic. Victims may be left with serious, sometimes debilitating, injuries, and in far too many instances victims are killed.

One way to try to avoid these accidents is to drive defensively. But what can you do to protect yourself from a semi-truck wreck? First, avoid what are known as "no-zones." These are the areas directly behind and beside a truck where the driver has no visibility. Second, avoid abruptly changing lanes in front of a truck, as this may cause a truck to swerve into other vehicles or fail to stop in time if you suddenly hit the brakes. Third, try to accurately judge a truck's oncoming speed. Their size can make it a little difficult, but failing to do so could result in a terrible crash.

Motorcycle accidents and facial fractures

Winter may be on the horizon, but that isn't stopping many North Carolinians from hopping on their motorcycles and going for a ride. As relaxing and cost-efficient as riding a motorcycle can be, it can also be extremely dangerous. Many motorcyclists take safety seriously, and they go out of their way to ensure they are driving in a manner that is appropriate.

Unfortunately, though, not all motorists act in this way. Far too many fail to be aware of bikers, speed, drive while intoxicated or operate their motor vehicle while distracted. This, in turn, can lead to a severe collision that may leave a motorcyclist with significant injuries.

North Carolina sees increase in wrong-way accidents

With the large number of car accidents that occur in North Carolina, it can be easy to think that there is nothing that can be done to prevent them. Yet, that is not true. Federal, state and local initiatives, along with changes to the law, can help keep motorists safe by cracking down on those who are negligent and raising awareness. However, these measures require proactive governments. A recent report seems to indicate that North Carolina is not one of them.

Judges can adjust wrongful death awards

Losing a loved one in a fatal accident is perhaps one of the worst things that can happen to a family. The shock of the incident can be debilitating, and the waves of emotional pain that can follow can be crippling. On top of this, the financial loss in the form of lost wages, medical expenses, and funeral costs, can shake the family's financial foundation. Fortunately, these families can turn to the legal system for help, as a successful wrongful death lawsuit may bring much needed compensation to help cover losses and impose a sense of justice and closure.

Semi-trucks must properly secure cargo to ensure safety

This blog has spent some time discussing semi-trucks and how they can pose a danger to other motorists. Oftentimes, this discussion revolves around the sheer size of big rigs and the driving abilities of their truckers. While these are certainly important aspects, there are other issues related to semi-trucks that can affect motorists' safety. This week, we will briefly look at how cargo securement may come into play.

Semi-trucks can carry a wide-variety of cargo, and oftentimes we do not give it much thought. However, if this cargo is secured improperly, then it may become a hazard by slipping from the truck during regular driving or fly off the truck during an accident. For this reason, federal regulations have been put in place to standardize cargo securement and ensure safety.

Our firm fights for those hurt by drunk driving

We have all heard the statistics and the warnings telling us that drinking and driving is extremely dangerous not only to the intoxicated driver, but also to others on the road. Yet, despite this knowledge, many North Carolinians still choose to drink and drive. Though some of these individuals are able to make it home safe, a great number of them cause serious accidents, leaving a wreck of destruction, injuries, and death.

Our last blog post discussed just how detrimental alcohol can be to an individual's driving ability. Those who are hurt in an accident caused by an impaired driver may suffer significantly. They may be left with physical disfigurement or disability, emotional turmoil, and a mound of debt in the form of medical expenses, which is only exacerbated by lost wages. These drunk driving accident victims deserve to be made whole again, and the Law Offices of John M McCabe stands ready to help those seeking civil legal ramifications.

How does alcohol affect driving ability?

It is no secret that far too many motorists climb behind the wheel of their vehicle after consuming alcoholic beverages. Sometimes these individuals are not impaired at all or minimally so, and get to their destination without incident. Other times, though, these drivers are under the influence and their ability to safely operate a motor vehicle is seriously compromised. In these instances, a severe drunk driving accident could occur, leaving destruction and as well as physical, emotional and financial pain and suffering.

But exactly how does alcohol affect one's ability to drive? According to the CDC, having a blood alcohol concentration or BAC of just .02 percent, which equates to the consumption of about 2 alcoholic drinks, can cause decreased visual functioning. This means that it can become a little more difficult for a person with this BAC to track fast moving objects. At .05 percent, or three alcoholic drinks, coordination can be reduced, steering may become difficult and response time can lag.

Truck with large load causes fatal North Carolina wreck

When people talk about car and truck accidents, they are often referring to collisions between two or more vehicles. While these types of wrecks are certainly quite common and cause significant destruction and personal injury, there is another type of accident that can be just as devastating but is not talked about as much. These accidents involve trucks that have unsecure loads or loads that are too big for the truck itself.

To see how dangerous these instances can be, one need only look to a recent North Carolina accident where one man was killed and another was injured. According to reports, a truck carrying wood utility poles made a right turn and that maneuver caused the poles to enter the lane of oncoming traffic, causing a truck to slam into the poles. The poles, which extended 16 feet off the back of the truck, smashed into the windshield of the other vehicle, causing serious injuries and death.

How dangerous are teen drivers?

Automobile collisions are far too common in North Carolina, and the reasons can be wide-ranging. Intoxicated, distracted and tired motorists can all pose significant hazards. One reason a driver may be dangerous when on the road is because he or she is inexperienced.

According to the Center for Disease Control or CDC, teen drivers are more likely to fail to recognize dangerous situations. They are also more likely than their older counterparts to speed and follow too closely. Making matters worse, when teens drink, they are at greater risk for an accident than an older adult.

What is road rash?

With summer coming to a close, some North Carolinians may feel like their motorcycle riding days are coming to an end. But there are still a lot of good riding days left. Though this is good news for many bikers across the state, for others, it gives more time for exposure to negligent drivers who could cause a motorcycle accident that leaves the biker with serious injuries.

Amongst these injuries is what is commonly referred to as road rash. Road rash occurs when the skin is rubbed against a hard surface like the road or a sidewalk. Several layers are often removed, typically from bony areas of the body, which includes the elbows, knees, hands and forearms. Since there is a significant blood supply to the face and head, road rash in those areas may bleed profusely. Road rash is often very painful, as it exposes nerve endings.