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Injuries sustained in truck accidents can be serious

Cary area residents understand that trucks have a major presence on our roads. Trucks are hauling items from all over the country and the state. Most of the time cars and trucks are able to safely share the road but occasionally a serious truck accident occurs.

As we discussed last week, there are thousands who are affected by truck accidents every year in North Carolina. Commercial trucks are almost 30 times larger than a car which can mean that even a minor fender bender can lead to serious injuries. There are many ways in which a truck accident can occur. A truck driver could have been driving for a long time without any breaks leading to driver fatigue. Or he could have been distracted by his GPS, phone, billboard, etc. Or a truck driver could be intoxicated. A number of different situations lead to truck accidents.

North Carolina truck accident statistics

As Cary residents know, trucks play a major role on our roadways. Most of the time cars, pedestrians and bicyclists are able to safely share the road with trucks, but occasionally a serious truck accident occurs. The North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles recently issued a report that, among other things, contains truck accident statistics in the state of North Carolina.

Many families in the Cary area and across North Carolina have been affected by a truck accident. Even what may seem like a minor accident can be serious just because trucks are much larger than cars. In 2017, there were over 13,500 accidents involving trucks in North Carolina. Over 90 people were killed in these accidents with thousands more injured. Tractor trailers were involved in the most accidents at 4,567, with single unit trucks coming in at 4,420 accidents.

Teen killed by hit-and-run driver

Many people in the Cary area walk to their destination. Pedestrians are everywhere, whether they're going to church, to school, their jobs, a store, or just enjoying a leisurely stroll. Most of the time pedestrians are able to safely share the road with other drivers. But occasionally a serious fatal accident occurs where a pedestrian is killed.

A 15-year-old is dead after he was hit crossing Rock Quarry Road between Sanderford Road and Southgate Drive in nearby Raleigh. The boy was a freshman at Sanderson High school and was on his way to class when he was hit by a driver who drove away. The boy was taken to a local hospital where he later died. The driver was later arrested and has been charged with felony hit-and-run resulting in death and obstructing justice.

Everything you need to know about driver fatigue

There is no way to completely eliminate driver fatigue, as there will always be people who get behind the wheel when they should be resting. While truck drivers are known for driving while fatigued, this can strike anyone at any time of the day.

It goes without saying that falling asleep while driving is extremely dangerous. However, fatigued driving is just as big of an issue, as it can result in the following:

  • Inability to make good decisions
  • Slow reaction time
  • Less likely to pay attention to the road and surroundings

Truck accidents and distracted driving

Trucks have a major presence on the roads in the Cary area. Drivers in Cary understand that whenever they get on local roads and freeways there are bound to be trucks of all sizes. Most of the time drivers are able to safely share the road with truck drivers, but occasionally a serious truck accident occurs. It is shocking to learn what causes the majority of truck accidents.

A Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration study has concluded that over 70 percent of truck crashes are the result of distracted driving. There are many reasons why truck drivers may be distracted while they are driving. These include texting and driving, being distracted by things outside the truck, like billboards, using a dispatching device, dialing a phone, reading paper maps and eating or drinking. Anything that takes a driver's attention away from the act of driving, even for just a few seconds, can lead to a serious accident.

Hit-and-run car crash sends victims to hospital

No one expects they will be involved in a car accident but, unfortunately, accidents can happen to anyone at any time. Most car accidents are just minor fender-benders, but sometimes they can cause serious property damage and injuries.

According to reports, a serious multi-car accident occurred recently in Cary. Two people were taken to the hospital after the crash, which occurred near Aviation Parkway on I-40. A Toyota Scion was speeding and driving recklessly when it hit a Chevrolet van. The driver of the Scion lost control of the vehicle and it came to rest on the left lane of the interstate. The Chevrolet van pulled over as well.

Driver charged in Raleigh accident

When North Carolina residents are out on the road they expect to make it safely to their destination. Most of the time this is the case, but occasionally an accident occurs. Sometimes these accidents are caused by negligent drivers engaging in dangerous activity. A recent hit-and-run accident in Raleigh led to quite a bit of damage and some injuries.

A hit-and-run accident recently occurred near Atlantic Avenue and Litchford Road in Raleigh. A speeding driver crashed into another car that was stopped at a red light. The accident led to more vehicles being hit, with five cars having damage from the crash. In addition, two people were taken to WakeMed for treatment of their injuries. The driver who caused the accident drove away, but was located a short distance away and is now facing felony criminal charges.

NHTSA urges drivers to be careful near school zones

Cary area drivers understand the importance of safe driving. There are many hazards on our roads, including other drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians. Drivers need to understand that when they engage in unsafe driving practices, they put others at risk of car accidents.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has issued an urgent warning for motorists to drive safely near schools and bus stops. There have been many recent accidents across the United States where kids have been seriously injured or killed while going to school. These tragedies could have been avoided if drivers would have been engaged in safe driving activities.

A workers' compensation denial may lead you to an appeal

If you suffer an on-the-job injury, it's your hope to eventually restore your previous level of health so you can get back to work.

Along the way, you hope that your employer treats with you respect as you seek the workers' compensation benefits you deserve.

NCDOT testing out new technology to help reduce wrong-way crashes

No one expects they will be in a car accident in the Cary area. Unfortunately, many are affected by a car accident that is caused by another person's negligence. There are many ways for a driver to be negligent, including drinking and driving, texting and using a cell phone while driving and driving the wrong way on a road. The North Carolina Department of Transportation is testing out new technology to help prevent accidents.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation is testing out new technology to help prevent wrong-way accidents on North Carolina roads. Between 2000 and 2017, over 160 people were killed by wrong-way drivers. The North Carolina Turnpike Authority is testing this technology on the Triangle Expressway. A portion of the road has cameras and sensors that alert drivers they are heading the wrong way by using flashing lights. The system also alerts the highway patrol and the State Traffic Operations Center of the vehicle's location. Since the test system has gone into effect, several drivers have attempted to enter the turnpike going the wrong direction, but were able to reverse course and get back in the right direction. The Turnpike Authority is planning to expand the technology to the rest of the Triangle Expressway and the Monroe Expressway.

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