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Who pays for funeral expenses after a wrongful death?

Your spouse was heading home from work when they were struck by an errant driver. They were declared deceased at the scene of the collision.

In that moment, your entire life was changed. Your family lost the breadwinner, and you lost your spouse. You never expected that a fatal crash would be the reason that you'd lose them, so you've struggled.

Surveillance footage could be helpful after a crash

When you were struck by another driver, you ended up being badly hurt. You knew that your life was going to be different as soon as you saw that you couldn't feel your legs.

Your intention is to hold the other driver responsible for the crash, but at the scene, they kept saying that you were the one who caused the collision. They blamed you time and time again, even though you had a green light at the intersection.

Inattentional blindness may be to blame for motorcycle crashes

One of the biggest dangers that motorcyclists face out on the road is the prospect of being hit by a driver. Police often report to the scene to ask what happened leading up to the crash after incidents like these occur. Drivers often tell law enforcement that they didn't see the motorcyclist coming before they struck them. A study published in the academic journal Human Factors and Ergonomics Society in Jan. 2018 highlights how common it is for drivers to experience inattentional blindness that causes such crashes.

The Australia National University researchers who worked on the study found that intentional blindness can cause an individual to miss unexpected objects in plain sight.

When are crash scene investigators called in to investigate?

It's common for the North Carolina motorists to summon police to a crash scene after being involved in a crash.

The law enforcement officers that report to the accident scene generally take down witness reports and some photographs of what happened. If there's any confusion about who was responsible for causing the crash, then the police might have crash scene investigators report to the scene. It's the latter party's job to reconstruct the accident to determine what factors contributed to or caused the collision. It's particularly important that this happens if the accident resulted in someone's severe injuries or death.

What are the most common crashes leading to fatalities?

When you're driving, the last thing you want to think about is the potential to get into a fatal collision. Unfortunately, there is always the risk of getting into a fatal crash because not all drivers are safe. Mistakes can be made, and those mistakes may lead to life-changing consequences.

Looking at data collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and analyzed by the National Safety Council and Injury Facts, it was shown that angular collisions cause the greatest number of deaths. In 2018, around 7,400 crashes were caused by angled crashes. Angled crashes include T-bone crashes, for example, but not head-on or rear-end collisions. Sideswipe crashes were also marked in their own category.

It's a commercial driver's responsibility to be safe

Commercial vehicles come in many shapes and sizes, but one thing is true of all of them: They're heavy. A large box truck, a semitruck, tow trucks, buses and other vehicles weigh thousands of pounds more than the passenger vehicles around them. As a result, any kind of crash has a tendency to result in injuries for those in the smaller vehicles.

As someone who has been involved in a crash with a commercial vehicle, there are a few things that you may want to look for. To start with, you may want to determine if:

  • The driver was intoxicated
  • The driver was driving while drowsy or fell asleep behind the wheel
  • The driver was using digital devices or texting
  • The other driver was distracted
  • The driver's license was expired
  • The commercial driver's medical records were up to date

Speeding is a risk that truck drivers shouldn't take

Reckless driving is something that can cause crashes that take lives. No driver should act recklessly, but truck drivers should be particularly cautious not to cause collisions.

There are a few actions that everyone can agree are reckless. Some of them include:

  • Going around railroad barriers
  • Swerving
  • Passing school buses that have a stop sign down
  • Racing other drivers
  • Passing in dangerous areas
  • Speeding

WalkBikeNC attempts to reduce injuries and deaths for pedestrians

North Carolina is a beautiful state to live in. It's warm almost all year, which means that pedestrians can jog, walk and run, ride bikes and otherwise enjoy the outdoors every season.

Unfortunately, there are a great number of pedestrian and cyclist crashes that happen each year. Since there is such a high risk of pedestrian crashes, the state implemented WalkBikeNC in 2013. This is a comprehensive plan for improving cycling and walking conditions all around the state.

What happens after a fatal car crash?

Losing a loved one in a car crash is horrible, and you may feel completely lost. Many people don't know what happens next or how to deal with the many things that have to happen soon after a collision.

It's good to know what happens after a fatal car crash, so that you have some understanding of the steps to take next. Here's a little information about what you can expect.

Going out on your motorcycle? Here's why you're at risk

If you want to ride your motorcycle, you are probably already aware that doing so could put you at risk of being involved in a crash. Even if you drive only during the day and during times when there isn't much traffic, it takes only one person to make a mistake and hit you.

To avoid injuries, make sure you put on your helmet (it's a law in North Carolina to wear a motorcycle helmet and for that helmet to comply with Federal Vehicle Safety Standard 218) and stay aware of your surroundings.

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