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Man driving drunk kills teenage girl

Cary residents understand the seriousness of drunk driving. Drinking and driving is a decision, and these accidents are completely preventable. A fatal car accident recently occurred in Vance County that was allegedly caused by a drunk driver.

A recent fatal accident occurred in Henderson. Two vehicles were traveling when one slowed down to turn into a driveway. The vehicle behind them did not slow down and crashed into them. The crashed caused the death of a 16-year-old girl and seriously injured two other teens that were in the car.

What causes driver fatigue and what are its signs?

Driving a vehicle is a big responsibility. Whether it's your personal vehicle or a commercial truck you're driving as a part of your job, it's vital to be alert and attentive at all times.

This is why fatigued driving is so dangerous. Fatigued drivers have symptoms akin to intoxication such as slower reaction times, inattentiveness and -- even worse -- there's a chance they could actually fall asleep behind the wheel.

Incentives to curb teenage drivers from texting and driving

Today, it can be challenging to get a hold of a teenager's attention without some form of technology. Cellphones are almost a life source for this age group, making it difficult to accomplish any task without it or having it nearby. While technology can be extremely beneficial, it does have its setbacks. A cellphone may be excellent to use in certain spaces; however, using it in a vehicle while the operator is behind the wheel of a vehicle is extremely dangerous.

With distracted driving a growing concern, much effort has been placed on reducing the number of people that use their cellphones while they are driving. One group or cohort that is challenging to tackle is teenagers. Because of this, there has been discussion about initiatives that would better promote the reduction of cell phone use while driving.

Helping you recover compensation following a truck crash

Massive trucks fill our roadways. This is primarily because we rely on these large vehicles to transport goods and shipments across the state and the country. Truck drivers play a major role in intrastate and interstate commerce. Because of that, they are under much pressure to make timely deliveries or be ahead of schedule. While this might be beneficial for a trucking company, an overworked and fatigued truck driver is a very dangerous presence on the roadways.

A truck crash is a serious and often tragic accident. Because a motor vehicle cannot stand up to the size and weight of a commercial truck, it is likely that not only is the smaller vehicle severely damaged, the occupants in the vehicle have likely suffered serious or life threatening injuries. At the Law Offices of John M. McCabe, P.A., our skilled legal tem understand the pain and suffering that could befall a victim of a truck accident. Thus, our law firm is dedicated to helping truck accident victims in the Cary area assert their rights following a crash.

First steps to take after a car accident

Cary residents are usually safe and courteous drivers. Unfortunately, almost every driver is involved in a car accident at some point, no matter how careful they are. If a person is involved in a car accident, there are certain steps they should take.

After a car accident occurs, a driver can feel nervous, anxious and scared. The first thing a driver should do is stay at the scene. If a person leaves the scene of an accident, they can face serious criminal penalties. Second, a person should check on all drivers and passengers and make sure they are all right. If there are injuries, make sure to get medical attention. Next, the police should be called to report the accident. They will investigate what happened and create a report. Those who have been in the accident should exchange information, including driver's license numbers and insurance information. Pictures should also be taken, along with witness reports.

Unique problems motorcyclists face on the road

Many Cary residents enjoy riding their motorcycles. A motorcycle is a fun way to explore North Carolina and feel free. But, a motorcycle can be dangerous and, if a motorcycle accident occurs, it is often serious. There are many unique problems that a motorcyclist faces while on the road.

One problem that a motorcyclist may face while they are on the road is visual recognition by other drivers. Other drivers can easily miss motorcyclists at intersections, which is where the majority of motorcycle accidents occur. Another problem that may arise are hazards on the road. Because a motorcycle only has two wheels, hazards such as potholes, road debris, ice, puddles, railroad tracks, etc. may make the motorcycle unstable. A motorcycle may also start to wobble, especially when it is traveling at high speeds. This can occur with a misalignment of the front and rear tires of the motorcycle, often a manufacturer mistake. Finally, a rider may not have enough experience and may lack basic riding skills.

Teenage driver causes accident, injuring fourteen people

Those who drive around the Cary area feel like they are safe most of the time. Most drivers are careful and understand they need to follow the rules of the road. But, occasionally, a less-than-careful driver hits the road and causes a serious car accident.

A serious accident recently occurred in Cumberland County. A 17-year-old unlicensed driver was headed west on Camden Road and ran a red light. As a result of running the red light, she hit another car that was driven by a Fort Bragg soldier. The accident was so severe that 14 people were taken to a local hospital for their injuries. The driver was charged with driving without a license and running a red light.

Are you familiar with the top causes of pedestrian accidents?

Even if you don't realize it, you are a "pedestrian" at many times throughout your day, not just when crossing the street.

For example, you are a pedestrian when you walk from your car into your office building. You are also a pedestrian as you stroll from the grocery store back to your vehicle. And of course, you're a pedestrian if you're running, walking or jogging.

Traffic accident causes major problems in Zebulon

Most Cary area residents are good drivers. They understand it is important to stay alert for any traffic hazard they encounter. Unfortunately, there are still inattentive and bad drivers out there. Accidents can happen to anyone and these can cause serious injuries.

A recent accident in Zebulon caused a major mess on the 64/264 freeway. A car cut off a semi-truck, causing a serious accident. The tractor-trailer was carrying a load of cabbage, which spread across the highway. It also hit an overhead bridge, guard rail and cables, forcing the truck onto its side. Three other vehicles were also damaged. The truck driver was taken to a local hospital for treatment of his extensive injuries. The driver of the car that cut off the tractor-trailer has been charged with failure to yield.

Driver injures five pedestrians in car accident

Those walking around on Cary area streets don't usually worry about whether they will be hit by a car. Many people enjoy walking to and from their destinations and spending time with their friends and loved ones. Unfortunately, five people were recently injured when a car hit them.

A driver in Roanoke Rapids was accelerating while leaving a McDonald's restaurant when she lost control of her vehicle. The driver hit five people nearby and all suffered injuries and were taken to local hospitals. The driver who hit them was arrested and charged with careless and reckless driving, no operator's license, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The accident is still under investigation and additional charges may still be filed.