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Virtual training for forklifts provides new option to operators

Situations exist throughout the state of North Carolina that could lead to work accidents. One place that is particularly ripe for such incidents is a warehouse where vehicles such as forklifts are used regularly. These accidents occur all too frequently and result in serious injuries and even death to workers.

One way to deal with any potentially risky situation, such as those that could arise with the operation of a forklift, is to provide safety training. Historically this training has consisted of videos, instruction in the classroom, observing the vehicle and how it operates and actual hands on instruction. Forklift training was recently updated by a company that received a grant for the project.

The new training takes advantage of the latest technology and provides trainees with a virtual experience presented in 3D. The experience is much like a video game and utilizes similar tools such as a joystick, pedals, and steering wheels. In use, the training simulates situations forklifts often encounter including those in elevators and warehouses.

When a warehouse worker is injured due to a forklift accident, that individual may be eligible for workers' compensation benefits. The benefits are designed to cover medical expenses and lost wages while the injured party recovers from his or her injury.

It is likely that many warehouse employers will welcome the new wave of training for forklifts. No one wants to see an employee injured, particularly if the injury is serious. In addition, keeping workers safe translates into an economic benefit to the business as it will not have to pay exorbitant workers' compensation insurance premiums.

Source:, "Virtual Reality Training Program Created for Forklift Operators," Mar. 11, 2013

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