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More worker deaths in North Carolina than originally thought

Workplace safety is important in all types of workplaces regardless of one's occupation and job responsibilities. While many workplaces take steps to have safety measures in place, at times workers are hurt. While unfortunately these injuries can be serious enough to require treatment, in the worst situation the result is death. Not too long ago, the state of North Carolina indicated that workplace safety was strong and that the number of work related deaths was down.

Though it will likely be disappointing, a recent study indicated that the number released was not actually accurate. It left certain demographics out such as those that were due to violence in the workplace or car accidents. In addition, individuals who died while self employed were also not included.

The good news is that despite the change in number of workplace deaths in the state of North Carolina, overall, throughout the state the number is still down. It is possible that the number would decline further if the organization that monitors workplaces in the state, the North Carolina Occupational Safety and Health Administration, would be more proactive in enforcing safety measures. For instance, stiff fines could possibly provide an incentive to make workplaces safer.

Just how effective that action would really be is at this point unclear. Most North Carolinians who get up and go to work each day would likely appreciate that. Even the most dedicated employees will usually stop short of knowingly putting themselves in a dangerous position while working, and who could blame them.

Source: Charlotte Observer, "NC job deaths undercounted, study finds," Ames Alexander, April 30, 2013

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