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North Carolina amusement park worker hurt in performance

The summer months provide many young people with the opportunity to do things that are not possible other times of the year. For example, amusement parks throughout the nation, including the state of North Carolina, see an uptick in traffic. In addition to the weather being good for such outings, the availability of children who are probably home from school leave many looking for something fun. Recently however, the day turned anything but fun for one employee of a North Carolina amusement park. The man was injured in a performance.

The incident occurred at Ghost Town amusement park. Though the specifics of what exactly happened are unclear, it is known that the man was acting in a gunfighter in a shootout the park hosted. During the shootout the guns utilized contained blanks.

As is commonly the case in workplace accidents, the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration is planning an investigation into the matter. During this period of time, the investigators look for all types of safety violations. Depending on the nature of these violations it is possible that the business could face large fines as a punishment. Violations considered to be serious can cost a business $7,000 per each violation.

As it is unknown exactly what happened, it is hard to say how long it will take for the man to recover. It is possible however that during his recuperation, he could need to seek worker's compensation benefits. Whether they are available to him or if he will decide to file a claim for them remains to be seen.

Source: Citizen-Times, "Ghost Town's 'Apache Kid' injured in shootout," Jon Ostendorff, July 15, 2013

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