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School bus accidents kickoff new school year in Wake County

by | Sep 6, 2013 | Commercial Vehicle Accidents

The start of a new school year brings with it many exciting changes. In addition to new teachers and outfits for school, students get used to new routines such as riding a school bus. While in a majority of the many trips made transporting children to and from school, the journey is uneventful, there are occasions where the vehicles are involved in bus accidents.

Early this school year four separate bus accidents occurred in one North Carolina community. The incidents all took place in Wake County. The crashes occurred at various points of the day and involved children of varying ages.

Elementary school aged children were involved in the first crash. It occurred when a car collided with the bus. Though no one was injured in the incident, other specifics regarding it are unknown.

The second crash took place at one of the middle schools in the county. As the bus transported children to the school, it attempted to make a left turn. When it did so, it collided with a van. Two of the students on the bus were taken to the hospital by their parents. These visits were described as precautionary as no one was reported as having suffered an injury.

Two other accidents that did not result in injuries to those involved occurred that same day as well.

These incidents clearly could have been much worse. Had any of the children been hurt in the crashes it is possible that their parents could have sought damages via a personal injury lawsuit.

Source: WRAL, “Students unhurt in four Wake school bus crashes,” Angie Basiouny and Matthew Burns, Aug. 26, 2013


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