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Two cyclists killed in North Carolina area hit-and-run crash

by | Sep 27, 2013 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents

There are a variety of reasons why someone living in the Raleigh area might walk or use a bicycle to get from one place to another. Some chose one of these modes of transportation because it is a good way to get exercise. Others end up walking or biking because they do not have a car. Whatever the reason, no one who sets out on such an excursion expects that they won’t make it because of the actions of someone driving a car.

Sadly, two cyclists were involved in an accident involving a car in a community near Raleigh, earlier this month. One of the individuals who was struck by the car on U.S. Highway 15/501, a 41-year-old man was declared dead at the scene. The other person, a 40-year-old woman survived the initial crash and was taken to a hospital. Once there, her injuries proved to be too severe however, and she too died.

It is important that all on the road follow traffic laws and are aware of their surroundings. For cyclists, this means wearing clothing that drivers can see, particularly when one is cycling at night. Likewise, drivers must keep a lookout for the much smaller bicyclists or pedestrians. Though the cause of the accident is not known, in this case at least one of the victims had a reflective vest on.

Family members of the cyclists killed in the fatal crash are probably reeling from their loss. Likely making the situation worse is that following the crash the car that struck the cyclists left the scene. The two victims were lying in the middle of the highway by a police officer. If the person driving the vehicle that struck them is found, in addition to criminal charges, family members could file civil wrongful death lawsuits as well.

Source: WTVD, “Second cyclist in Chapel Hill hit and run accident dies,” Sept. 23, 2013


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