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Texting to blame in Raleigh crash

| Nov 15, 2013 | Car Accidents

For many people living in Raleigh, North Carolina, texting is a way of life. It has taken over as one of the top ways of communicating for individual throughout the nation. While it may be harmless when done in certain situations, in others, it can result in a terrible outcome. The situation to which we are of course alluding is texting while driving.

A crash involving multiple cars caused by a text message recently occurred in Raleigh. The morning accident took place on Interstate 540. According to law enforcement, a 26-year-old man travelling on the road took his eyes off the road long enough to read a text message that someone sent him. When he looked back at the road he found that he was headed toward a car on the side of the road that was in need of a new tire. The three occupants of that vehicle, a mother and two kids, were standing outside of the car.

While the man managed to redirect the car so that it did not strike the family head-on, the vehicle struck another car, seriously injuring the woman who was behind the wheel. The woman who was trying to change her car’s tire was also hurt, though not seriously.

There is no question that the man who caused this crash did not do so on purpose. It seems pretty clear that his intent was to read the text and he seemed to think he could do that without a negative impact. Despite this, he faces criminal charges. In addition, it is possible that the women injured in the incident will seek damages in a civil lawsuit.

Source: WTVD, “Raleigh troopers say texting driver hit family on I-540,” Nov. 14, 2013


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