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North Carolina couple dies in car accident

| Dec 20, 2013 | Car Accidents

For North Carolina drivers, intersections are areas wrought with peril. Safely passing through an intersection requires all drivers to stop at stop signs or stop lights, and abide by the law. This does not always happen, unfortunately, and statistics show that intersections have high rates of car accidents.

A North Carolina couple died recently as the result of a car accident in Arizona. The couple was riding as passengers in a sedan, when the sedan drove through an intersection and was struck by a driver running a red light. The couple’s vehicle then struck another vehicle, an SUV, pulling more people into the crash. The occupants of the other vehicle sustained injuries. The sedan’s driver sustained non-life-threatening injuries, but the couple were not so fortunate. Both died in a nearby hospital.

Whether someone dies or is injured in a crash, the results are devastating. For the survivors — loved ones and fellow passengers — the experience is traumatic and scarring, causing pain and suffering that is sometimes physical and sometimes emotional. For those injured, they are forced to bear the costs of medical expenses and other damages resulting from the crash. These costs often cause long-term problems as victims are often forced to pay for ongoing treatments.

Nothing can ever fully erase the trauma inflicted on these victims, but some of the financial harm can be extinguished in certain circumstances. If another driver involved in an accident is proven to have displayed negligence — that is, acted in a careless way — then victims have a chance at being awarded compensation for the damages inflicted on them in the accident.

Source: AZ Family, “NC couple killed in Glendale crash,” Christina O’Haver, Dec. 15, 2013


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