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Reckless driver charged with claiming two lives in North Carolina

by | Feb 28, 2014 | Car Accidents


When auto accidents happen, they often happen suddenly. In the blink of an eye, a life can be lost, and, for the victim’s family, their whole world is turned upside down. Sometimes, the cause is only a simple mistake, but sometimes it is pure recklessness and negligence.

A recent car accident in Raleigh, North Carolina, southeast of Cary, took the lives of two innocent people. A 21-year-old Kure Beach driver allegedly drove into a group of vehicles stopped because of a previous accident, causing the deaths of two men. After the accident, he drove away from the scene and ran into the woods. Raleigh police found his damaged and abandoned car near the accident scene and soon apprehended him.

For the families of the victims, the need of the hour is to mourn their loss. In the future, however, they will have to deal with the long-term consequences of a reckless driver who has changed their lives forever and then tried to elude responsibility by running away. The families cannot get back the lives lost, but they will eventually have to deal with their personal and financial loss. Although no amount of dollar compensation can ease the pain of the loss of their loved ones, they can seek a fair settlement for medical expenses and loss of wages, as well as pain and suffering.

They would be wise to consult an attorney who is experienced in handling cases that involve the loss of life and property. Such an attorney can map out the families’ options, guide them in seeking compensation and help in arriving at a fair and adequate amount.

Source: “Driver, Family Devastated by News That Crash Killed Two,” Feb. 14, 2014


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