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Two hospitalized after three-car crash in North Carolina

| Feb 14, 2014 | Car Accidents


In what can seem like an instant, victims can be thrust into accidents that forever alter their lives. Sometimes accidents occur so quickly that victims are unable to process the many split-second occurrences that comprise the whole of the crash. Before they know it, long-term injuries, damages and lost wages can become harsh realities in their lives. Though nothing can undo the trauma they have endured, victims can sometimes pursue financial remedy for the monetary damage they have suffered.

Two victims suffered injuries as the result of a three-car accident in North Carolina, according to reports. A Ford Explorer was travelling west when, in what must have been a highly unexpected occurrence, a Ford Escape rear-ended the vehicle. The Explorer then flipped over and toppled down the highway. A pickup truck then slammed into the Explorer as it tumbled.

While neither the occupants of the Escape nor the pickup truck suffered injuries, the occupants of the Explorer were not so lucky. The Explorer was totaled and the driver, a woman, and a passenger, a man, had to be extracted from the decimated vehicle’s roof. The woman appeared to be in critical condition and had to be flown via a medical helicopter to a nearby hospital. The man was also transported to a nearby hospital by an ambulance.

In a car accident, almost everything has a cost – and not all of the costs are obvious. If a person has to be flown via a medical helicopter to be treated at a hospital, those transportation costs are likely going to be very high. Then, the treatment itself can result in hefty medical expenses.

In some cases, victims can pursue personal injury claims in order to obtain compensation from a negligent driver. If it can be proven that another driver involved in the crash displayed negligence, it may be possible for victims to be awarded compensation to help cover medical expenses and other damage costs resulting from the accident.

Source: Lincoln Times, “Three-car crash in Lincolnton hospitalizes two,” Jenna-Ley Harrison, Feb. 7, 2014


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