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Fiery collision kills North Carolina man

by | Jun 20, 2014 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents


While the roads are filled with cars traveling safely each and every day, there are unfortunate cases of accidents and injuries that can occur when things go wrong. Incidents involving cars and trucks can at best end in a small dent or scratch. However, there are times when these types of accidents end in much more tragic ways. Such is the case of a recent fatal car accident in North Carolina.

A man was left dead on a highway as he traveled to Wilson, North Carolina. The North Carolina Highway Patrol is investigating the fatal accident to find out what caused the crash. Authorities say that the victim, a 27-year-old-man, was driving a local highway from Raleigh to Wilson when the crash occurred, resulting in his death. Investigation by the North Carolina Highway Patrol is being conducted to find out the reason for the crash.

It is believed that a chain of events lead to the accident, starting when the victim’s car hit the back of a truck and lost control. The truck was unaffected by the rear-ending and kept moving while the victim was unable to right the path of his vehicle causing his vehicle to overturn and skid into the opposite highway lane.

While piecing the incident together, the N.C. Highway Patrol found that while the victim was trapped in the overturned vehicle, a semi-tractor trailer progressing on the highway hit the car because the truck driver was unable to see the overturned car as he approached its location on the highway. The impact pushed the victim’s overturned car off the road and caused it to ignite into flames. Highway patrol is currently searching for the driver of the truck which struck the car in order to gather more information regarding the crash.

Vehicle accidents which involve the loss of a human life can sometimes be treated as a case of wrongful death. The victim’s family may choose to pursue the matter in civil court and might be able to recover damages. An Raleigh personal injury attorney may be able to provide legal assistance and advice in a fatal car accident case.



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