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North Carolina multi-vehicle crash leaves six injured

| Jul 24, 2014 | Car Accidents


Car accidents are not uncommon in North Carolina. The myriad causes of car crashes include driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, intentional speeding and also texting while driving. Sometimes car crashes result in catastrophic injuries and insurmountable pain and suffering for the car accident victim.

Recently, however, a different story unfolded altogether. The end result of an early morning chase by police was a multi-vehicle accident. According to reports, the police had information regarding a crime suspect staying in a local inn, which led authorities to promptly initiate pursuit. The wanted man attempted to escape from the police who kept up the chase until it ended on a local highway with a crash injuring several people, including the suspect.

The officers revealed that the suspect had tried to turn his car around, crashing into a police vehicle. The fleeing man then drove in a different direction before crossing over a high median to reverse direction again and again. The crash occurred when the wanted man tried crossing the centerline and rammed into two cars. A third oncoming car crashed into the wreck.

All the six people who were injured, including the suspect, were taken to a medical center for treatment. Their injuries appeared to be serious but not fatal. Two of the police officers involved in the chase were also treated for minor injuries sustained during the pursuit.

Reports say that authorities are investigating into the multi-vehicle accident. The suspect was wanted by the police because he had violated his parole and faces further charges once his medical treatment is concluded. As is generally the case, the American justice system is in place because it works and because it treats all people equally under the law.

Those injured by the negligent driver might have civil actions available to them. A personal injury suit could help them recover compensation for the injuries they suffered and damages incurred. The monetary award could provide them with the ability to offset expenses such as medical bills, rehabilitation, lost wages and damages.

The negligence of a single driver could cause a serious accident affecting numerous victims. Those injured by the crash should understand their rights and options so they can take appropriate action.

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