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How can a motorcycle accident be prevented?

Due to the unique nature of a motorcycle and its rider, there are a variety of causes of motorcycle accidents. A motorcycle may give the rider freedom unavailable to car drivers, but the dangers motorcycle riders have to encounter are not the same as other vehicles.

One peculiar issue faced by motorcyclists is the problem of visual recognition by other drivers in poor weather conditions. In addition, road hazards such as puddles, potholes, debris, oil slicks, ruts, railroad tracks, uneven pavement, or large objects on the road are more dangerous for motorcyclists. The rider's skills often come into play while riding a motorcycle.

Apart from practicing caution on the road, motorcyclists should know about their legal rights and remedies if they are involved in a traffic accident. Knowledge of insurance policies and laws, along with an idea about how to file a claim for compensation in such situations is important.

Claims in case of a motorcycle accident mostly involve the legal concept of negligence. Therefore, if a motorcycle rider is partly responsible for the crash, the rider claiming relief may not succeed. In such cases, in comparative negligence jurisdictions, damages are calculated on the basis of the extent of each party's fault.

Motorcycle accidents are sometimes attributed to defective designs of the vehicle, or to manufacturing defects. In such circumstances, the company that manufactured the motorcycle may be held accountable. However, establishing a manufacturer's liability or proving the other party's fault in an accident comes with its challenges. These challenges can be appropriately addressed with guidance from a professional familiar with matters pertaining to laws in North Carolina.

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Source:, "Motorcycle Accidents: Overview" accessed on Aug. 20, 2014

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