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Woman charged after fatal motorcycle accident in North Carolina

by | Aug 7, 2014 | Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle crashes are often caused by the negligence of other drivers. This negligence can take the shape of excessive speeding, failure to maintain control of one’s vehicle, general unawareness on the road or failure to yield, among other reasons.

In a recent motorcycle accident in North Carolina, a woman was charged with misdemeanor death by motor vehicle. According to police reports, the woman was driving at excessive speed when the accident occurred. The victim of the accident was on a moped when the accused struck him with her car.

The accused was charged with class A1 misdemeanor which can lead to a punishment of up to 60 days in jail for a first offense. Police troopers estimated that the 61-year-old accused was driving at a speed of approximately 80 mph at the time of the crash. The stretch of the road where the crash happened has a speed limit of 45 mph.

Reports say that her Lincoln crashed into the victim’s moped then rammed into a utility pole before hitting a parked car nearby. The force of the collision ejected the victim from his moped, sending him airborne.

The 24-year-old victim of the crash was rushed to a nearby medical center with head injuries. He later died at the hospital. It was decided by the Highway Patrol troopers after consulting with the district attorney’s office to charge the perpetrator with misdemeanor death. The accused was not charged with felony death or vehicular manslaughter, because they have other prerequisites, which were absent in this case.

Criminal charges aside, when it comes to fatal accidents like this, the victim’s family can suffer an enormous personal loss. Their grief is only amplified if they are facing a mountain of bills due to the death of their loved one, such as medical bills and funeral costs. If the loved one was the main income-earner in the family, these bills are doubly hard to deal with. In these situations, the victim’s loved ones may wish to pursue a wrongful death suit against the responsible party. Doing so could allow them to seek the compensation they need to begin to recover financially.

Source: Blue Ridge Now “Driver charged in fatal East Flat Rock vehicle crash,” July 25, 2014


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