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Securing compensation for a truck accident injury

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2014 | Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Driving a truck loaded with cargo is not an easy task. Due to the sheer size of the vehicle and the load it carries, it becomes all the more necessary for a truck driver to exercise caution while operating this type of vehicle. According to trucking regulations followed in North Carolina and elsewhere, truck drivers are required to take adequate breaks to avoid driving fatigued.

However, to ensure that deadlines are met, some truck drivers take very few rest breaks and also resort to speeding. This leads to a dangerous situation for the occupants of the truck and for others who may be harmed while sharing the road with a reckless truck driver.

Visualizing the trauma that a truck accident can cause is not difficult. If the vehicle was speeding the accident can cause catastrophic and fatal results. Many times, people try to avoid driving next to a truck due to fear of a collision. However, sometimes it is not possible to avoid these huge vehicles.

When a truck accident occurs, law enforcement investigators and insurance adjusters survey the scene. Insurance adjusters may seem genuinely concerned about the victim, but their primary reason for being on site is to protect the truck driver and the trucking company in order to minimize losses that the trucking company may face. Accident victims should be careful when dealing with insurance companies other than their own.

To ensure that the victim gets full compensation for losses incurred as a result of the accident, an investigation may be required. Our law firm is adept at handling the requirements for filing a claim in complex accident cases. To conduct the investigation, it is necessary that the sequence of events just before the collision is analyzed. In addition, police reports and witness statements should be reviewed.

To understand the process involved in securing the maximum compensation from an accident related to a truck or other commercial vehicle, please visit our webpage on commercial vehicle accidents. You may find the information helpful and applicable to your case.


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