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Driver with past violations involved in train-truck accident

Residents of Wake County, North Carolina, might know that all commercial vehicles carrying large loads need to follow weight limits set by North Carolina authorities. These limits are set with various factors in mind, such as reducing the effects of an accident.

Due to heavy loads and fast-moving speed, a trucking accident can cause much more damage than an accident involving a car. For example, a recent accident involving a truck and an Amtrak train resulted in 55 people being injured. Reports stated that the truck driver could not successfully maneuver an oversized rig through a tight railroad crossing, resulting in derailment of the Amtrak train. A police investigation has begun and so far no charges have been filed against the truck driver with regard to this truck accident.

Reports state the truck driver has a long history of driving violations and is a convicted felon. In addition to speeding and driving with a revoked driving license, he has also been convicted in the past for assault, violating a domestic violence protective order and for writing worthless checks. He has also served jail term resulting from a felony child abuse case in North Carolina.

The truck driver was arrested and charged in 2012 for driving a truck over the weight limit. The driver failed to appear in the court for that case. The truck driver's employer specializes in moving heavy equipment and company trucks have been involved in 13 highway crashes in the last two years which resulted in injuring nine people. However, this company possesses a Satisfactory safety rating from the U.S. Department of Transportation.

The truck company declined comment about the current accident or the driver's record. A commercial vehicle safety expert stated that federal law requires transport companies to conduct background investigations before hiring a driver and they are also required to review employee driving records each year. A past criminal record does not disqualify a person from obtaining a commercial license. However, a driver can be disqualified if a crime was committed while operating a commercial vehicle.

Source:, "Truck driver in Amtrak crash in NC has history of violations," March 11, 2015

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