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Liability in the event of a North Carolina tour bus accident

by | May 6, 2015 | Commercial Vehicle Accidents


Many tourists visit North Carolina’s attractions and beautiful countryside every year, and oftentimes they come in large groups that hire tour buses to explore the various points of interest found in the state. A tour bus involved in an accident can be damaging on many fronts, because out-of-state victims may not know state motor vehicle laws or who to contact in case of an accident. Tour buses, much like any other large vehicle, can cause greater destruction in the event of accident as opposed to smaller personal vehicles.

Liability for tour bus accidents is mostly similar to that of any other large commercial vehicle, such as a truck or commuter bus. Commercial drivers are subjected to more stringent driving regulations due to the nature of their jobs. For commercial drivers of any type of vehicle, the legal permissible level of blood alcohol is 0.04 percent, as opposed to the 0.08 percent limit set for adult non-commercial drivers.

The trickiest issue for personal injury litigation based on a tour bus accident is assigning responsibility for the accident to one party. To address these issues, most victims of the tour bus accidents get more information about their options in order to receive justice in a local court of law.

In some cases, petitioners along with their representation may be able to assign responsibility and resultant liability of the tour bus accident on the tour company itself. The tour company is required to employ drivers from companies with good driving records and reputations, who may be held responsible with the tour’s originator. In other cases, the bus company might be solely responsible for a tour bus accident. Also, destinations along the tour itinerary could be held liable in certain cases. The contractual obligation of all parties involved often determines the liability and responsibility of each party to the victims.

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