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North Carolina considering bill to alter trucking regulations

Many people think that trucks are safer than all other forms of transportation due to the fact that most truckers are more experienced and better trained than other drivers who drive personal vehicles. On the other hand, a truck accident also has a greater chance of causing extreme devastation, accidents and fatalities due to the size of the vehicle.

A new trucking law has been proposed in North Carolina that states that the truckers are allowed to operate the truck on the road for a longer time period than what was allowed previously. The new law would also increase the maximum length of trucks that are allowed on state roads. However, the new law has encountered opposition by many Raleigh residents who believe that the proposed change would create more truck accidents than before.

The North Carolina volunteers of the Truck Safety Coalition are supposedly strongly opposed to the proposed changes. Trucking companies, on the other hand, have always welcomed new proposals and have also claimed that allowing double trailers and trucks to be longer than the existing 28 to 33 feet would not only increase the truck drivers' productivity but it would also reduce the number of trips that each truck makes, which may even reduce the chances of truck accidents further.

However, advocates of truck safety have urged the public to oppose the new changes as well as to contact their local political representatives. Congressman David Price, a North Carolina representative who sits on the House Appropriation Committee, has also opposed the new changes on the record. Making the roads safe for all people is a primary responsibility of the state Government. The House is scheduled to make a decision on the matter soon. Public opinion can often help the local and state Government to make important decisions.

Source:, "House bill could change trucking regulations," Stephanie Ando, May 11, 2015

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