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Reckless driving is one of the major causes of car accidents

On Behalf of | May 15, 2015 | Car Accidents

Reckless driving is one of the worst forms of traffic violations. Traffic violations involving reckless driving include speeding, not stopping at traffic signals, tailgating and randomly changing lanes without using the proper signals to warn other drivers on the road. Such reckless driving has the potential not only to cause accidents with other vehicles, but also accidents that involve pedestrians.

At our law firm we have seen many cases in which the victim of a car accident that was caused by reckless driving was able to recover compensation because the person experienced personal injury. This is often the case even when the law enforcement officials did not cite the driver for any criminal charge.

The victim of reckless driving often suffers from serious injuries, including head and brain injuries, spinal cord injuries or fractures. In some cases, the victim may pass away due to the injuries from a car accident. Severe injuries usually require immediate medical care and rehabilitation in order to save the person’s life. If the accident victim does survive, prolonged medical treatment can be very expensive. Additionally, the car accident may also cause disabling impairments to the victim, which can cause that person to become unemployable.

Getting the right information about legal options can be useful for a car accident victim who wishes to initiate a lawsuit against the driver’s insurance company or the driver. At our law firm we have worked on many cases involving complicated issues related to car accidents. Part of our work is to attempt to complement the accident investigation conducted by the state authorities. Medical experts can be brought in to provide evidence in order to gauge the total amount of damage that the victim experienced.


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