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Interstate trucks are subject to special laws in North Carolina

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2015 | Truck Accidents

Truck drivers often carry very heavy loads on North Carolina roads. Many truck drivers drive at night or travel across state lines as part of their job. Truck drivers are usually commercial drivers who have been hired by the trucking company to use their trucks to help them succeed in business.

It is important to consider the large size of the trucks as well as the quantity of the freight that can be transported at various times of the day. With that in mind, North Carolina authorities have established specific rules for interstate truck drivers in order to prevent truck accidents.

A trucking company is often subject to the rules and regulations imposed by various government agencies, including the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles, Federal Highway Administration and North Carolina Utilities Commission.

Special licenses must be obtained by trucking companies in order to regulate any of their for-hire operations conducted by the truck drivers who are employed by the trucking companies. Thus, in the event of a truck accident, if a person is injured, the attorneys of that accident victim may wish to pursue not only a civil lawsuit against the driver and the trucking company but also bring forth various federal regulations in order to help the victim and the victim’s family obtain justice in court.

There are many trucking companies that operate within the state as well a carry out operations outside of the state. In such cases, the trucking companies must obtain both intrastate operation registration as well as interstate registration. Recently, however, the authorities have initiated a unified registration procedure that can help the truck drivers to obey the laws while hauling heavy freight.

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