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What causes truck accidents on the road?

by | Jun 5, 2015 | Truck Accidents


Truck accidents often lead to serious injuries because they have the potential to cause multiple car and vehicular accidents in addition to pedestrian and bicycle accidents. Due to the size of most trucks, trucking companies try to ensure that only experienced commercial drivers are hired to drive such large vehicles.

The victim of a truck accident may suffer serious injuries or the person may even succumb to injuries. In most cases, the victims as well as their dependents may wish to consult an attorney in order to initiate a lawsuit against the trucking company to obtain compensation for accident-related medical expenses.

While accidents can have many different causes, there are a few unique cases that make truck accidents more likely. Drivers of smaller vehicles on North Carolina roads often do not understand the various problems that can occur while traveling alongside a truck. The sheer size of the vehicle can pose a problem for the other vehicles on the road. Therefore, it is sensible for drivers of smaller vehicles to maintain a safe distance from trucks, especially on highways and areas where the speed limits are higher.

In many cases, truck drivers get into high-traffic areas without having too many years of experience as commercial drivers. Commercial drivers, however, do have to abide by stricter rules than other drivers on the road. Unfortunately, those rules are often disobeyed by truck drivers who do not have the proper training or the requisite experience that is essential in a difficult traffic situation. Trucking companies often force their drivers to work too many consecutive hours, which is unsafe for the truck drivers as well as for the other people on the road. In such a situation, the truck driver might be suffering from driver fatigue, which can be devastating not only for the truck driver but also for the other drivers and pedestrians on the road.

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