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Points to remember about the revocation of a driver’s license

by | Jul 22, 2015 | Commercial Vehicle Accidents


Drivers of commercial vehicles in North Carolina should be aware of the rules regarding revocation of a driver’s license. The Motor Vehicles Division has the authority to revoke the driver’s license of a person if that person has been convicted of a certain listed offense. If a driver has been convicted of manslaughter while operating a motor vehicle, the same offense may lead to the revocation of the driver’s license. Apart from that, if the driver is found to be driving under the influence of alcohol or any other drug, the division has the right to revoke that person’s the driver’s license.

In North Carolina, the permissible blood alcohol limit for commercial vehicle drivers is 0.04. If a person who is operating a commercial vehicle is found to have a BAC level that is higher than that amount, the person’s driver’s license may be revoked. In such cases, the chemical analysis report that revealed the BAC should be considered conclusive evidence and no further appeal or modification may be permitted. If the motor vehicle is used in any way that causes a felony to occur, the person’s driver’s license may be revoked by the authorities.

If the driver fails to stop and provide the necessary help to the injured person in the event of an accident, that person’s driver’s license may also be revoked. Any driver who is licensed to operate a commercial vehicle must supply all of the necessary details. Failure to do such may also lead to revocation of a driving license. If a driver has also been convicted for reckless driving or aggressive driving within a period of 12 months, the driver’s license of that person may also be revoked.

School bus drivers or child care vehicle drivers should never drive while under the influence of alcohol. Doing so may lead to that person’s driver’s license being revoked. No commercial vehicle drivers are allowed to transport open containers of alcohol. If a person is found guilty of such an offense, the division may revoke the driver’s license.

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