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What is road rash?

With summer coming to a close, some North Carolinians may feel like their motorcycle riding days are coming to an end. But there are still a lot of good riding days left. Though this is good news for many bikers across the state, for others, it gives more time for exposure to negligent drivers who could cause a motorcycle accident that leaves the biker with serious injuries.

Amongst these injuries is what is commonly referred to as road rash. Road rash occurs when the skin is rubbed against a hard surface like the road or a sidewalk. Several layers are often removed, typically from bony areas of the body, which includes the elbows, knees, hands and forearms. Since there is a significant blood supply to the face and head, road rash in those areas may bleed profusely. Road rash is often very painful, as it exposes nerve endings.

Recovering from road rash can take extensive time, medical care and finances, not to mention pain. Exactly how long it takes to recover from a particular injury depends on the circumstances, but serious cases may require ongoing treatment and medication. This on its own might be expensive, but it might also take the victim away from his or her job, forcing him or her to lose wages.

This is where a lawsuit against a negligent driver may be beneficial. A successful personal injury claim may result in the recovery of compensation for economic and noneconomic losses. This might include medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering. After suffering a motorcycle accident, a lawsuit may be the last thing on a victim's mind. But by acting quickly, he or she may be able to find the financial stability needed to focus on his or her recovery.

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