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Motorcycle accidents and facial fractures

Winter may be on the horizon, but that isn't stopping many North Carolinians from hopping on their motorcycles and going for a ride. As relaxing and cost-efficient as riding a motorcycle can be, it can also be extremely dangerous. Many motorcyclists take safety seriously, and they go out of their way to ensure they are driving in a manner that is appropriate.

Unfortunately, though, not all motorists act in this way. Far too many fail to be aware of bikers, speed, drive while intoxicated or operate their motor vehicle while distracted. This, in turn, can lead to a severe collision that may leave a motorcyclist with significant injuries.

Amongst those injuries are facial fractures. Symptoms of a facial fracture vary, but may include bruising, pain and swelling. A broken nose may be indicated by deformity, persistent nosebleed, swelling and tenderness in the area around the nose. Other areas that may see the effects of a facial fracture include the cheeks, midface, jaw and eye socket. If a motorcycle accident victim experiences vision problems, discharge, an inability to bring his or her teeth together, pain or deformity, then a facial fracture may have occurred.

Those who may have suffered a facial fracture in a motorcycle accident should seek immediate medical attention. Once they have been treated and are on the road to recovery, then they might want to think about how they are going to recover their losses, which might include medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and deformity. A personal injury lawsuit may give them the route they need to recover these damages from a negligent driver, and talking about the issue with an attorney may be beneficial.

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