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North Carolina sees increase in wrong-way accidents

by | Nov 12, 2015 | Car Accidents

With the large number of car accidents that occur in North Carolina, it can be easy to think that there is nothing that can be done to prevent them. Yet, that is not true. Federal, state and local initiatives, along with changes to the law, can help keep motorists safe by cracking down on those who are negligent and raising awareness. However, these measures require proactive governments. A recent report seems to indicate that North Carolina is not one of them.

Wrong-way wrecks in our state have been increasing. Right now, there is an average of more than one of these crashes per week. That is an increase of 34 percent, according to state troopers. Though the state has taken measures to post more wrong-way signs, those efforts seem to pale in comparison to those taken by other states. Texas, for example, lowered the height of its signage so that impaired drivers, those most likely to drive the wrong way, are more likely to see them. Florida has added flashing signs that are capable of alerting the police if someone is driving the wrong way.

And these measures are working. Texas, for example, has seen a decrease of 56 percent in wrong-way accidents this year. This means that lives are being saved. Yet, North Carolina has yet to implement similarly aggressive measures, meaning that wrong-way crashes could continue to increase

Those who suffer injuries as a result of a negligent driver have to focus on their future. While a change in the law and more aggressive state action may help prevent these accidents, only a personal injury lawsuit can assist the victims in recovering the compensation they need to secure their future.

Source: WSOC TV, “9 Investigates wrong-way crashe on rise in North Carolina,” Jim Bradley, Nov. 3, 2015


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