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Holiday season efforts net 3,000 intoxicated motorists

| Jan 20, 2016 | Car Accidents

Drunk driving is a common problem across North Carolina that leaves many motorists and pedestrians in harm’s way. Those who doubt this reality need only look at the statistics from the holiday season, showing that more than 3,000 individuals were arrested for DWI. According to state authorities, 2,822 of those arrests were alcohol related, while the rest were tied to drug impairment.

The arrests came as a result of the state’s “Booze It & Lose It” campaign, which established nearly 11,000 checkpoints and saturation patrols across North Carolina. The numbers are startling, and should help raise awareness of just how prevalent impaired driving is across our state. Unfortunately though, arrests for drunk driving do nothing for those who are hurt in drunk driving accidents. For these individuals, a long, hard road to recovery often lies ahead of them.

Recovering from a drunk driving accident can be challenging in many ways. A victim will likely have to cope with significant physical pain and suffering, but he or she will also face very real financial challenges. Medical expenses can pile up, and time off from work might result in lost wages. This, in turn, can make it challenging to pay other bills, and it can throw a victim into a spiral of financial woes.

To escape these difficulties and achieve a sense of justice, those injured in a car accident caused by a drunk driver can attempt to file a personal injury lawsuit. If successful, such a lawsuit may bring much needed compensation to help cover damages incurred. Additionally, a victim may be able to find closure, raise awareness, and move on with life with a renewed focus on their health and well-being.

Source: Elkin Tribune, “Holiday ‘Booze It & Lose It’ campaign yields 2822 alcohol DWI arrests,” Jan. 17, 2016


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