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Pedestrian accidents and how to try to avoid them

| Jan 14, 2016 | Car Accidents


Though winter’s arrival may dissuade some individuals from taking leisurely walks along our city’s roadways, there are still many who have to rely on their feet to either get to the bus stop, work, school or merely from the parking lot to the shopping center. Oftentimes, these individuals are unknowingly put in harm’s way by dangerous, negligent drivers who, in the blink of an eye, can cause a devastating accident.

Since it is impossible to prevent all motorists from acting negligently, what can pedestrians do to keep themselves safe? First of all, they should be sure to only cross the street at intersections when the “walk” sign is on. Second, they should ensure that they only enter the street while within a crosswalk. Parents also need to keep close tabs on their children to ensure that they do not suddenly dart out into traffic.

No matter how safe pedestrians are though, these tragic accidents can occur at any time. Pedestrian accidents can leave a victim with significant injuries. Broken bones and torn ligaments are certainly a possibility, but so, too, is traumatic brain injury, disability and death. The physical, emotional and financial toll can be substantial, leaving victims and their families with financial difficulties that may only be solved via a personal injury lawsuit.

By filing a personal injury lawsuit, a pedestrian may accomplish two goals. First, he or she might be able to recover compensation for his or her economic and noneconomic damages. Second, a victim can help raise awareness of pedestrians, encouraging others to be more aware of them while behind the wheel. Hopefully, then, other pedestrians across our state will be safer.

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