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Weren't wearing a helmet? We can still help

As last week's post discussed, sometimes, there is a public misconception over motorcyclists and their use of helmets. Specifically, the misconceptions is that North Carolina motorcyclists, who are involved in a serious motorcycle accident with another vehicle, are not entitled to compensation for their injuries if they chose not to wear a helmet at the time of the accident. This is simply not correct.

Of course, our law office strongly encourages all motorcyclists, both in Cary, North Carolina, and around the country, to wear appropriate head protection, particularly where doing so is required by law. However, we also encourage those who, for whatever reason, were injured on a motorcycle and were not wearing a helmet not to lose hope of give up the possibility of being compensated.

The truth of the matter is that while a helmet may reduce the extent of a person's injuries, it has nothing to do with which driver is at fault for an accident. Following a serious motorcycle accident, our office will conduct a thorough investigation to determine who is responsible for the motorcycle accident. Once we do that, if the investigation warrants it, we will vigorously pursue our clients' legal remedies in an effort to get the compensation that they both need and deserve.

If a resident of Cary gets in to a motorcycle accident and was not wearing a helmet at the time, he or she will need to deal with that fact candidly while he or she seeks compensation. Nonetheless, with the right help and in the right circumstances, that person can still receive money from the party who is responsible for the accident that can in turn be applied to things like medical expenses and lost income.

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