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Woman dies in Raleigh-area truck accident

| Apr 6, 2016 | Truck Accidents

A recent truck accident relatively close to Cary, involving two commercial vehicles and a minivan left a North Carolina woman dead. The woman was an English teacher at an area high school.

According to the police investigating the truck accident, a dump truck did not stop in time and rear ended the minivan that the victim was driving. The force of the impact then pushed the van into the rear of the truck in front of the van. According to witnesses, the resulting impact sounded like explosives detonating. The crash crushed the van. Although, the van pushed the truck in to another car, the damage to that car was minor.

According to police, charges may be forthcoming against the dump truck driver. In any event though, it is axiomatic that any driver needs to leave enough space between his or her vehicle and the car vehicle in front of him or her. This principle holds especially true for truck drivers, who accidentally caused a horrible accident, like the one that happened in this case simply by being careless.

In tragic accidents, like this one, no matter why the driver did what he or she did, the driver and his or her trucking company should pay compensation to the family of the victim. Not only will there be hospital bills and funeral expenses associates with this woman’s death, there will also likely be family suffering great emotional stress and the financial stress of losing an income. These sorts of losses can potentially be recovered in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Source: ABC 11 News, “Teacher dies in crash with 2 trucks north of Raleigh,” Angelica Alvarez, March 23, 2016


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