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Getting compensation for drunk or buzzed drivers

On Behalf of | May 31, 2016 | Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Last week’s post on this blog discussed how commercial drivers are held to higher standards with respect to how much alcohol they can have in their systems. One of the reasons for these higher standards is that commercial vehicles are typically larger than private cars and can therefore inflict more damage in a truck accident or commercial vehicle accident.

A North Carolina family that has to take care of an injured loved one, or worse, has to say a final farewell to a relative or friend has every right to feel enraged if their loved one died because a commercial driver was too impaired by drugs or alcohol to be driving a commercial vehicle safely. This is especially true when that commercial driver was entrusted to transport the injured person safely. 

Although no amount of money can ever make a tragic accident go away, Raleigh residents who have been injured by a drunk or buzzed commercial driver can seek compensation for their injuries, include reimbursement for medical bills, lost wages and emotional pain and suffering. In this respect, our law firm has helped many North Carolina residents investigate and prove their cases so as to claim the compensation that they both need and deserve.

An important step in that process is to identify all of the responsible parties, not just the obvious ones. For example, the law may hold other people besides an impaired commercial driver responsible for a serious accident. As a result, it is critical to explore pursuing the driver’s employer for compensation, as North Carolina employers have an obligation to supervise their employees and can be held account for their employees’ actions and omissions. 


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