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Getting tough on truckers who text and cause truck accidents

As last week's post discussed, truck drivers who are using North Carolina's roadways to haul goods in interstate commerce are prohibited under federal regulations form texting while driving. "Texting" is broadly defined to include just about any use of a computer or phone keypad. Moreover, if drivers want to use a cell phone, they must use a hands free device.

It is a sad fact that many truckers, including those who travel around Cary, North Carolina, may choose to ignore these rules and text or use their hand-held phone anyway. They may figure it is unlikely that they will be caught and, if they do happen to be pulled over, they will simply pay whatever fine is given to them.

This is why it is so important to hold a distracted truck driver accountable if he or she causes a serious truck accident because he or she was texting or on a phone while driving. Aside from the fact that the injured person will probably need financial help for medical bills and other items, a lawsuit also sends a message to a driver that intentional distracting driving is not tolerated in North Carolina. Likewise, a lawsuit could also let a trucking company know that it either must crack down on distracted driving within its ranks or run the risk of being put out of business.

Our law firm has represented North Carolina victims of truck accidents under all different sorts of circumstances. We have helped victims recover compensation from negligent or distracted truck drivers. We will do what we reasonably can to hold truck drivers and their employers accountable when they text while driving or engage in other risky behaviors on the road.

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