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Tips for beginning motorcyclists to avoid motorcycle accidents

Just as in the case of learning to drive a car, a resident of Cary, North Carolina, who wants to learn to ride a motorcycle may at first not know much about how exactly to use the bike safely. For such people, there are several basic pointers that may reduce the possibility of a motorcycle accident.

One tip is that inexperienced motorcyclists need to use the right equipment when riding. Not only does this include a quality helmet, it also includes the proper clothing and shoes, which should be durable enough to protect riders in fall and also bright and visible enough for other motorists to see clearly.

New riders need to remember that is unwise to try to ride in bad weather or with high crosswinds. Although, they are dangerous enough for cars, these weather conditions can make it particularly hard to maneuver a motorcycle. Along similar lines, it is best for new motorcyclists to stick with clear, paved and well maintained roads, as bumps and obstacles can lead to spin out or even a rollover.

Riders also do well when they invest in the right bike for their level of experience and, when possible, splurge for a little extra on advanced safety features, like antilock brakes. A new rider should also make sure his or her bike is properly maintained, ideally each time before he or she take it out for a spin, by inspecting the critical components, like the chain, the tires and the lights.

Perhaps, most importantly, motorcyclists need to remember that in a motorcycle and a car crash, more often than not, the driver of the other vehicle is responsible. While the first line of defense against this type of collision is caution, defensive driving style, when such accidents do occur, an injured North Carolina motorcyclist may be able to recover compensation.

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