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Helping victims of drunk driving truck accidents

A previous post here discussed a serious accident that potentially involved a combination of drunk and drugged driving, a scenario that is, sadly, all too common in the Cary, North Carolina, area, even among truck drivers and drivers of other commercial vehicles.

Cases in which authorities suspect that a combination of drugs and alcohol contributed to a serious or even deadly accident can be tricky from the perspective of an accident victim. For one, police may not have obtained a breath or blood test showing that another driver was legally drunk; that is, over .08 BAC. Moreover, drivers may be able to argue that they were simply taking medicine and honestly did not think a drink or two would affect the ability to drive.

These sorts of cases require a careful investigation into all the facts and circumstances of the underlying accident. In addition to knowing the specific details leading up to the collision itself, a victim will also want to know exactly what drugs were taken with the alcohol and in exactly what amounts. Moreover, information from doctors, pharmacists and drug manufacturers can be very helpful in establishing a case.

A North Carolina resident who was injured because of another driver who irresponsibly mixed drugs and alcohol while driving need not go at it alone when trying to obtain compensation from the negligent driver. At our law firm, we attempt to help people in this type of situation, especially if the injured person wants to pursue punitive damages against the impaired driver.

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