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Serious car accident injuries several people

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2016 | Car Accidents

A recent head-on collision in the Raleigh area left four children and three adults injured. emergency workers transported two adults, both of them drivers of the vehicles involved, and one child to a nearby hospital. Although the extent of the injuries wasn’t reported initially, thankfully none of them appear to be life-threatening.

According to reports, drunk driving may have had a role in this accident, even though it is not clear whether one of the drivers had a BAC over .08. One of the drivers did admit to having taken some Xanax, a prescription anti-depressant, along with drinking several beers. A combination of prescription drugs and alcohol will often lead to intoxicated behavior, even if a person is legally under the limit for alcohol. The driver who admitted to mixing drugs and alcohol was charged with driving while impaired and was also cited for failing to stay in his lane and failing to slow down when necessary.

One witness noted that the driver who had admitted to drinking was weaving his Jeep in and out of his lane on a two-lane road. While there was evidence that the driver of the other vehicle tried to avoid the Jeep by changing lanes, the cars collided head-on in the same lane of traffic. The driver of the other vehicle was cited because apparently not all of the children in his vehicle were secured correctly in car seats or seat belts.

While this accident could have been a lot worse, North Carolina residents know that drunk driving or drugged driving is irresponsible and could lead to a fatal accident. In this case, several people were physically injured to some degree and, no doubt, will also suffer some degree of emotional trauma. In accidents involving a drunk driver, the injured party may be able to seek compensation to cover expenses related to the accident.

Source: The News & Observer, “Drug, beer alleged in Raleigh head-on crash that sent 3 to hospital,” Ron Gallagher, Aug. 25, 2016.


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