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Video: Repetitive Stress Injuries | The Law Offices of John M. McCabe, P.A.

An office space might not seem as dangerous as a construction site. Yet even employees who work at a desk may be at risk of physical injury.

Specifically, the cumulative effect of repetitive motions with the hand can take a toll, whether that work involves typing on a keyboard and using a mouse, working on an assembly line, or using construction tools. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common example.

Proper training and safeguards, such as ergonomic chairs or keyboards, may help to reduce the risk of injury. Unfortunately, there is no guaranty. If an injury occurs, a person with carpal tunnel may be unable to work and require a period of short-term disability. That's why it is essential to consult with a workers' compensation lawyer. A lawyer can guide injured workers through the vocational rehabilitation process and help them get the workers' compensation benefits they need.

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