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What are some signs that a crash involved drowsy driving?

by | Sep 1, 2016 | Commercial Vehicle Accidents

People who drive when they are too tired to operate a vehicle safely can put themselves and others in an extremely dangerous position. In fact, a drowsy driver can act much the same way as an intoxicated driver on the road. Particularly if the overly tired driver is using a large business vehicle, a serious or deadly accident can result from a person’s poor decision to keep driving on insufficient rest.

It might not be surprising to our readers that when truck accidents or other commercial vehicle accidents do occur, the driver of the commercial vehicle often will not come out an admit that he or she dozed off behind the wheel. It may be necessary for a victim who was injured in an accident to know what the common signs of a drowsy driving accident are.

For one, accidents involving a drowsy driver typically take place at night or at dawn. Interestingly, mid-afternoon is also a time in which accidents involving drowsiness frequently happen.

The time of the accident aside, North Carolina residents can also look to the circumstances of the collision. Usually, a drowsy driver will not react quickly, so police will probably find very little, if any, evidence that a driver actually used the brakes. Drowsy drivers also are generally not traveling with anyone, as a traveling companion would be likely to keep the driver awake or recognize the danger and take over the driving. Furthermore, drowsy drivers are more commonly found on major highways.

Of course, these signs, standing alone or even in combination, do not mean that a driver involved in an accident was in fact too tired to drive. Usually, a victim or the victim’s family will want a prompt and thorough investigation of any serious accident. A good investigation may help a victim and family members obtain compensation for losses.


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