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Accident in Raleigh vicinity leaves two dead

| Oct 28, 2016 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents

A recent accident on Interstate 95, less than an hour away from Cary, North Carolina, left two aspiring musicians dead and one injured. The musicians, who were living and working in another state, were traveling from one gig to another. From all accounts, the band members who died were well-known in the world of music.

According to reports, the fatal accident happened when a semi-tractor trailer struck the musicians’ recreational vehicle from behind. Apparently, the musicians were stopped on the interstate, but the truck behind them may not have noticed the stopped traffic and, in any event, did not slow down. The impact forced the musicians’ vehicle underneath another big rig that was immediately in front of them.

Although there was no report of North Carolina authorities issuing any citations, the reports were consistent that that the rear-end accident was caused by the truck that struck the vehicle in front of it. In many accidents like this one, the collision happens because someone simply does not see that other traffic has slowed down dramatically or even stopped. Following too close, excessive speed, highway hypnosis, drowsy driving and distracted driving can all be contributing factors to rear-end accidents.

A truck driver who is inattentive to what is happening up the road poses a serious risk to other people. In this case, it appears that inattentiveness or some other type of carelessness on the part of a commercial truck driver may have contributed to the deaths of two promising musicians. The families of these musicians may consider seeking monetary compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit.

Source: South Austin Patch, “Two Austin musicians killed in North Carolina crash, highway patrol office confirms,” Tony Cantu, Oct. 20, 2016.


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