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Helping victims of motorcycles accidents find their way

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2016 | Motorcycle Accidents

Many people in Cary, North Carolina, who have heard the sometimes repeated warnings about watching out for motorcyclists on the road. Nevertheless, there are always going to be some drivers on the North Carolina highways and other roads who, for whatever reason, simply are not paying enough attention to notice and be mindful of the motorcyclists on the road.

This situation is unfortunate because, given the relative size of a motorcycle to a full-sized vehicle and the fact motorcyclists do not have a lot of protection from their vehicles, motorcycle accidents are much more likely to end in serious and debilitating injuries to a motorcyclist who could well have been simply out and about enjoying a ride.

Moreover, even when another vehicle does not actually strike a motorcycle, a close call can also be deadly for a motorcyclist, as on over-correction can mean a motorcyclist loses balance and gets an arm or leg pinned under his or her bike.

Among other injuries, motorcyclists involved in a collision run a risk of the loss of a limb. The amputation of a limb, such as all or part of a leg or arm, is a painful medical process that requires weeks and even months of rehabilitation. It can also lead to a lot of emotional pain and anxiety as a person adjusts to the reality of having to go through life without an important body part like an arm. Finally, losing a limb can mean a person is no longer able to work in his or her occupation.

In short, no motorcyclist who loses a limb in an accident can truly have a “full” recovery, as his or her life will not be the same. Still, the victim may have the legal option of filing a personal injury lawsuit against a driver who was not exercising the proper level of care. When we file these sort of cases on behalf of our clients, we are in a sense carefully looking out for the rights of an injured motorcyclist because another driver on the road did not do so.


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