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Our skills are at the service of delivery truck crash victims

In addition to large trucks hauling freight, there are all kinds of commercial vehicles traveling on the roads in and around Cary, North Carolina. For instance, commercial vehicles include delivery trucks and vans, which could range from the van of the local florist to the box-shaped trucks of major private carriers like UPS and FedEx.

Unfortunately, these types of delivery services -- while usually performing valuable services with their different types of vehicles -- can also be responsible for serious and even fatal accidents. There are many reasons these types of accidents occur. Even setting intoxicated driving aside, many of these accidents happen because the driver was speeding or engaged in reckless driving. In other cases, an accident is caused by driver fatigue on account of traveling long hours or because the driver's company is simply putting too much pressure on the driver to make deliveries.

It is only natural that the driver of the commercial vehicle, and the person's employer and insurance company, will want to diminish their responsibility or, when possible, avoid it altogether. As a result, a person injured following a delivery truck accident should fully expect the driver of the delivery truck and the driver's employer and insurer will start investigating immediately after the incident

It may, therefore, be helpful for a victim to contact an attorney able to help the person with a separate, independent investigation. For example, our law office has years of experience with both the transportation industry and getting compensation for injured North Carolina crash victims. We will conduct a thorough investigation on behalf of our clients and use that information to help us get our clients the compensation they need.

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