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Investigating North Carolina commercial vehicle accidents

As last week's post reminded our Cary, North Carolina, readers, no one who has been injured in an accident involving a commercial vehicle should assume that the case will go smoothly simply because the driver of the truck or delivery van got a ticket. These sorts of cases can actually be among the trickiest and most frustrating for clients because of the current state of North Carolina's negligence laws.

In any sort of motor vehicle accident case, particularly when it involves a commercial vehicle, an injured person or his or her family are going to want to investigate the facts aggressively. This means leaving no stone unturned and taken nothing for granted.

After all, injured Cary residents can well assume that an insurance company, before paying anything, is going to conduct an investigation of its own. Moreover, when a commercial vehicle is involved, a negligent company or even the driver will do an investigation. The results of the case may affect the company's ability to continue to operate profitably or, in the case of the driver, the ability to keep driving for a living.

Fortunately, our law office has years of experience with investigating commercial vehicle accidents, and we know how to conduct a prompt and aggressive investigation while, of course, remaining professional and ethical. We cannot promise good results in a given case, but we can promise that we will do everything we reasonably can to find the underlying cause of exactly what and who caused a serious accident. We will identify potentially liable parties, including negligent trucking companies, ito hold them accountable.

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