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Representing spinal cord injury victims after truck accidents

A previous post on this blog discussed the potential impact spinal cord injuries can have on a Cary, North Carolina, resident after he or she suffers one in the course of a serious car or truck accident. Indeed, while serious spinal cord injuries can happen in a variety of contexts, one need only think about the sheer size of a truck compared to car to realize the risk of a serious injury to the back or neck whenever a truck is involved in an accident.

In serious spinal cord injuries, the victim will suffer quadriplegia or paraplegia, that is, complete and permanent paralysis of all four limbs or from the waist down as the case may be. At a minimum, this type of injury means having to use a wheelchair for life, and it can also mean needing help with even the most basic things like eating.

A North Carolina resident who suffers paralysis because of a truck accident is going to need prolonged and expensive medical care. He or she will also require extensive rehabilitation and therapy to adjust to a completely new way of wife as a quadriplegic or paraplegic. In addition, there will no doubt be a great deal of emotional pain and suffering during recovery and the adjustment process.

When someone suffered paralysis because of a truck accident that is the fault of the truck driver, that person may have legal options to pursue recover from either the driver or the driver's trucking company. In this respect, our law office has successfully represented spinal cord injury victims in the past, always with the ultimate goal of giving that person what he or she needs financially to put his or her life back together after the accident. We have the legal expertise and experience to help, and we can draw on the knowledge of our network of life care experts.

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