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5 reasons people keep causing auto accidents

| Sep 13, 2017 | Blog

Car accidents are not really accidents. They’re not random. In most cases, they’re caused by human error.

Wouldn’t you think that would make it easier to put an end to them? If people realized that they were making thousands upon thousands of deadly mistakes every year, wouldn’t they work harder to stop?

You’d think so, but that’s not the reality. People keep making the same errors and causing crashes that lead to catastrophic injuries. Below are five reasons they just won’t stop.

1. They’re drunk

Drunk driving continues, year in and year out. Drunk drivers will make mistakes they’d never make when sober. Even though they may feel remorse afterward, knowing they made a very poor decision, the impaired person they were before the wreck doesn’t see the dangers until it’s too late.

2. They’re late

You feel frantic when you’re late. You push the speed limit even more than usual. This leads to serious errors and it reduces reaction times, but we live in a society built around the clock. Many people feel horrible if they’re late and will do anything to avoid it.

3. They can’t control the weather

Fog, snow, sleet, rain and other weather conditions contribute to accidents. This doesn’t mean human error doesn’t cause them. A lot of people drive too fast for conditions without realizing it. As long as bad weather can strike, there will be drivers who cruise along at dangerous speeds, completely oblivious to the risks.

4. They’re inexperienced

Teen drivers have almost no experience. Sure, they went to some classes, spent some time with an instructor, and drove around with their parents, but that’s no substitute for years of driving — and making high-pressure decisions — on their own. This won’t change. Even moving the age back would make for older inexperienced drivers. Many learn from their mistakes, but those mistakes cause serious accidents along the way.

5. They don’t realize they’re being reckless

On the way home from work, another driver tailgates you. Everyone’s been there. The headlights are right on your back bumper. It’s frighting and annoying. You assume the driver is intentionally being reckless and aggressive.

Then you let that driver pass, and it’s just a young driver talking on a cellphone. He or she doesn’t seem angry, doesn’t look in your direction and doesn’t speed up.

Many people don’t even know that they’re being reckless. They follow too close and think they’re driving safely and normally. They’re not.

The result

Accidents are expensive. They take tens of thousands of lives and put hundreds of thousands of people in the hospital. The reasons for them are many, but human error is almost always the root cause, and accidents won’t stop as long as people are behind the wheel to make mistakes.


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