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Winter weather makes driving difficult in Cary

| Jan 25, 2018 | Car Accidents

Recently, Cary has seen an uptick in winter weather. This weather often makes driving difficult and many accidents have been reported. It is important for North Carolina residents to understand the importance of driving safely.

Winter driving is tricky in North Carolina. Not only do we get the snow, but, many times, the ice is worse. Icy roads are just plain dangerous and those who venture out need to be careful. Of course, the best winter driving tip is just to stay home when the roads are slippery and dangerous. But, many people don’t have that luxury.

Leaving early and allowing plenty of extra time to reach a destination is key. Also, drivers should make sure their vehicle is safe to drive. That means removing ice and snow from car windows so that the driver can see clearly. Also, don’t follow vehicles too closely, allow plenty of room between cars. Bridges, overpasses, and entrance and exit ramps are often slippery and should be approached with caution. Accelerating and decelerating should be done slowly. And, driving slowly and cautiously is most important.

Winter driving can be a major headache for North Carolina drivers. Some accidents cannot be avoided, but, occasionally, a driver may engage in negligent activities that threaten other drivers. These unexpected car accidents can affect a family forever.

If a person believes they were in an accident caused by a negligent driver, they may want to speak with a legal professional who is skilled in personal injury. An attorney can get the answers a family needs to find out what happened. Compensation may be available for medical expenses, future medical expenses, pain and suffering and other damages.

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