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Over a dozen injured in Go Raleigh bus accident

| Jun 27, 2018 | Commercial Vehicle Accidents

A bus is a mode of transportation that many people choose to use in the Cary area. A bus is a great way to get places while avoiding traffic and saving money. Usually riding on buses is safe, but occasionally an unexpected commercial vehicle accident occurs that causes injuries.

According to a recent report, a major bus accident involving a Go Raleigh bus and a pickup truck occurred near downtown Raleigh. The crash injured at least 13 people, with one person suffering serious injuries who was transferred to WakeMed. The accident is still under investigation, but it appears that the bus hit the driver’s side of the pickup truck.

When a person is out and about on a bus or driving near one, they don’t expect to get into a serious accident. But, unfortunately, these accidents can happen to anyone, regardless of circumstances and no matter how good of a driver you may be. When a family is affected by a commercial vehicle accident, they can suffer both emotionally and financially. Having a loved one who is seriously injured is traumatic and the financial strain can be hard to take. Medical care is expensive, along with financial strains from not being able to work. A legal professional who is skilled in personal injury may be able to help a family who is facing this serious situation. They can visit the accident scene and interview witnesses and review police reports to find out what happened to cause the accident. They can fight hard to make sure their clients receive the compensation they deserve, including compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and other damages.

No one expects they will ever be in a serious accident. But, if this situation occurs, holding the negligent party responsible for their mistake is important.


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