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Make changes to your driving style to prevent a truck accident

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2019 | Uncategorized

When driving in close proximity to commercial trucks, you’ll want to adjust your style to enhance your safety. Neglecting to do so can result in an accident that causes serious injury or even fatality.

Here are some of the many things you can personally do to prevent a car-truck accident:

  • Don’t become distracted: You should avoid distractions at all costs, as taking your eyes off the road for even a second can cause an accident. Common forms of distractions include texting, talking on the phone and conversing with passengers.
  • Don’t drive in a trucker’s blind spot: This is an easy mistake to make, especially on a crowded highway when you don’t have a lot of room to move around. Even so, you shouldn’t stay in a trucker’s blind spot for an extended period of time.
  • Dangerous lane change: For example, leave as much space as necessary to pull back in front of a truck after passing. If you don’t leave enough space, the truck may not be able to slow down in time, thus striking you from behind.
  • Illegal passing: It’s tempting to pass a slow moving truck in the right lane, but this greatly increases the chance of an accident. If you need to pass a truck, do so in the left lane and be careful about when you move back into the right lane.

As you do these things to stay safe, you may find that a trucker doesn’t care much about the safety of those on the road. This can lead to behavior such as:

  • Distracted driving
  • Drowsy driving
  • Reckless driving, such as speeding or illegal passing
  • Neglecting to take into consideration traffic and weather conditions

You don’t have any control over the decisions a truck driver makes. Even if you’re watching their every move, an accident can still occur.

If you’re involved in a car-truck accident, do the following:

  • Move to safety if you’re able to do so
  • Call 911
  • Check yourself for injuries and administer first aid
  • Receive medical treatment

These steps will lead you to eventually file an insurance claim and seek compensation from the negligent driver. If you require more information on truck accidents and your legal rights in North Carolina, visit our website.


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