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What damages can be part of a personal injury claim?

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2019 | Car Accidents

No matter how careful a Cary resident can be, an accident can occur at any time. These accidents are always unexpected and sometimes involve serious injury. Along with an injury, a person can face unexpected expenses and emotional trauma. If the car accident was the result of someone else’s negligence, a victim may be eligible for compensation.

In a personal injury car accident case there are several types of damages a victim can claim for their injury. Everyone knows how expensive medical care can be, which is why medical expenses is one of the top damages for car accident victims. In car accidents, medical expenses can be from not just hospital costs, but also from ambulance expenses, medical equipment needed, cognitive therapy for a brain injury, in-home services and future medical expenses. Additional compensation can be for pain and suffering, which is mental or physical distress caused by the accident. The damages are awarded by the type of injury and the amount of pain suffered, along with the potential of future pain.

Many times in a serious car accident the victim is out of work for a period of time. Lost wages may also be awarded for work missed and to make up for the loss of income that may occur if a victim is no longer able to do their job. Additional compensation may also be available for loss of affection or companionship if there is a death or an injury that prevents the spouses from having an affectionate relationship.

An unexpected injury can turn a family upside down. Not only are they dealing with thousands of dollars in unexpected expenses, they may also be facing mental challenges and employment challenges as well. Although no one ever anticipates they will be in a serious car accident, they can occur at any time. With the rise of negligent drivers in the Cary area, it is important for victims to know their legal rights.


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