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Motorcyclist killed in North Carolina crash

On Behalf of | May 2, 2019 | Uncategorized

A 38-year-old motorcyclist died recently in Cary in a collision involving a car on U.S. Route 1. According to local police, the accident occurred during broad daylight and no reason was provided for the cause of the accident.

Unfortunately, in automobile versus motorcycle accidents, the motorcyclist doesn’t win. While one accident is one too many, crash statistics are improving.

Motorcycle fatalities on the decline

Not all motorcycle accidents prove to be fatal, fortunately. Motorcyclists still suffer fatalities at a much high rate than other motorists. But, the number of motorcycle fatalities – both nationwide and in North Carolina – is on the decline.

According to a Governors Highway Safety Association report, there were 141 motorcycle fatalities in North Carolina in 2017, down from 152 in 2016. Nationwide, motorcycle fatalities decreased by 8.6% over the same time span.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety contributes helmet use as the number one reason for the decrease in fatalities. Helmet use is about 67% effective in preventing brain injuries and 37% effective in preventing fatalities.

The federal government sets minimum standards for all motorcycle helmets that are sold. Recently, there has been an influx of fake motorcycle helmets – ones that may not provide appropriate protection. It can be hard to spot a fake, so purchasing a helmet from a reputable source is important.

Obviously, wearing a helmet is the single most important safety precaution riders can take – and North Carolina requires every motorcyclist to wear one.

What should accident victims and their families do after a crash?

A motorcyclist can take every possible precaution and still end up suffering serious injuries in an accident. Medical bills may become overwhelming, especially if the victim is unable to work. Insurance companies may be difficult to work with – and do not take the side of the victim.

If an accident is fatal, loved ones can be left with significant bills and possibly the loss of the main wage earner. No amount of compensation can make up for the loss of a loved one, but it could ease a family’s financial burden. Options are available.


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