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What happens if a person is injured in a rideshare accident?

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2019 | Car Accidents

Rideshare companies such as Uber and Lyft are incredibly popular among Cary area residents. These rideshare companies allow people to get to their destinations quickly and safely. They’re great for those who are out on the town enjoying some alcoholic beverages with friends, visitors who aren’t familiar with the area, and older people who don’t feel safe driving by themselves anymore.

Regardless of the reason for a person to choose a rideshare, they usually are able to make it to their destination safely. But if an accident does occur, who is responsible?

Thousands of people use a rideshare every day. The majority of these rideshares are safe and effective ways of transportation, but accidents can happen. For example, the recent reckless behavior of driving over 120 miles per hour with a passenger in the vehicle by a rideshare driver in North Carolina. A police officer tried to stop him, but he was going to fast. This dangerous behavior can certainly lead to a serious accident. If this occurs and a passenger is injured in an accident while on a rideshare, there are certain legal options available.

Passengers are covered under Uber or Lyft’s liability policy which has maximum damages set at $1 million. Additional compensation may be able to be recovered from the driver. Rideshare company drivers are independent contractors, and the lawsuit would be filed against the driver directly.

A legal professional who is skilled in personal injury can help their client with their personal injury claims. An attorney can review the circumstances surrounding the accident and who is at fault and who can be held liable. An attorney will fight for their client and help them recover the compensation they need and deserve.


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