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Tips for pedestrians and drivers to help everyone remain safe

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2019 | Uncategorized

Pedestrian safety must be a priority in this country. When people walk around town, they should be able to feel confident that they will remain safe especially when vehicles are around. Keeping people safe is something that will take the work of drivers and pedestrians.

There were 5,977 pedestrians who were killed in 2017. That number was down from 6,080 pedestrians who were killed in traffic accidents in 2016. The fact that these statistics could go down even more if everyone was more vigilant shows that there is a lot of work to do.

Safety tips for pedestrians

You must be sure to watch what is going on around you when walking. Being distracted by a phone or having earphones on can mean that you don’t fully realize the dangers. You should also watch for vehicles that are coming out of driveways or in parking lots.

You must never assume that a driver can see you. Try to make eye contact with them when they come up to you. Don’t ever try to cross the road when a vehicle that is approaching is going too fast to stop before they hit you. Even if you have the right of way, you should always err on the side of caution simply because having to deal with massive injuries isn’t going to be fun or easy.

Always try to cross at crosswalks or intersections and follow the lights that indicate when it is safe to walk across. Check traffic to see if any vehicles will be turning into your path. This gives you a chance to ensure that you have time to cross safely.

Safety tips for drivers

Drivers must ensure they are fully capable of operating the vehicle. This means that they are paying attention and aren’t impaired in any manner. They must watch for pedestrians in crosswalks, intersections and everywhere else around the vehicle. If there aren’t sidewalks present, the pedestrians will walk on the edge of traffic lanes facing toward traffic.

It is imperative for drivers to obey posted speed limit signs. Driving too fast can lead to serious issues with safety because drivers might not be able to stop in time for pedestrians. The injuries pedestrians face can be fatal.

For pedestrians, an accident with a vehicle may lead to extensive medical care. They may opt to pursue a compensation claim to help recover the financial damages.


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